In the evening session, Pastor Gbenga Ayejuyole, the Regional Pastor of Region 12, served as the moderator. The session commenced with an opening prayer led by Pastor J.O. Oladeji.
The praise team then led the congregation into a powerful time of praise, worship, hymn singing, and ministration.
Next, Pastor Sunday Adu, the Assistant General Overseer for Foreign Missions, delivered the first message titled “Living the Word: Our Message to the World” based on Acts 11:26.
He began with a song he was given from the womb of the spirit for the night. “Ijadopin, Ogun si tan”
He made mention of 3 THINGS to note:
• The Significance of Historicity (James 1:21 – 25
• The Spirit of Apostolicity
• Embracing Historicity and Apostolicity for Perpetuity
He outlined different ways of working against what the church stands for, some of which are
o Writing anti-Christ comments
o Writing jargon on social media
o Attacking God’s messenger publicly
o Roaming around when the word of God is going on. It is gross disrespect he said
o Listening like the Pharisees to find something to hold.
o When the fear of God is lost, all is lost.
o You don’t have to comment on everything if you don’t have anything good to say. Among many others
During the service offering session, Pastor Samson Adebayo, the Deputy Director of Finance, presided over the proceedings.
A representative from Gabon was responsible for the scripture reading.
Reports from both the home and foreign mission fields were presented.
Next, Bishop Francis Wale Oke, the President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, graced the congregation with a powerful message entitled “Recapturing the Decaying Harvest” as he ministered the word of God.
He made mention of the following note:
• The Son of God became the Son of men so the children of men can be children of God
• A church that is going is a church that is growing, there is no growth without going
• A church that is not reaching the lost is lost.
• The day Christ died on the cross of Calvary, Death died.
• Every believer is a missionary. You’re saved to serve, preach and bring others to Christ.
• When there’s an unsaved soul, PREACH! Bring him/her to Christ.
• No matter your title in church, ARE YOU A LABOURER?
• There’s nothing great that cannot become greater in God.
• God wants us to graduate from “Bless me” Christians to “Send Me” Christians
• The work of God thrives when intercessors rise.
• God is still seeking people that He will entrust with Wealth.
• God gives you little and checks if you can release that which He has given you.
1. The Labourers: They labour in prayers and intercession e.g., Epapharas (Col. 4:12)
2. The Sent – The ones that will go to the field to minister the gospel
3. The Givers – The ones God will entrust with Wealth so they can invest selflessly in the gospel of Christ.
Bishop Francis Wale Oke was presented an award of excellence by the church.

The announcement was made by Pastor Peter Okoye, District Pastor Owerri. While the General Secretary, Pastor Femi Omowunmi said the closing prayer and benediction.

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