Family and Counselling

Family and Counselling Unit

I welcome you to the page of the GOFAMINT family and Counseling Department. I congratulate all families who are in Christ that you are very lucky in the Lord. Any home outside Christ will always experience crisis because there will be no Spirit of God in them teaching them the right thing to do and things to avoid. Thanks be to God for how far you have been enjoying the Lord, yet if you have the teachings of this Ministry in your home, you will enjoy Christ the more


 We organize seminars, handled in 2 groups, males and females in which many lives are being touched.

 We also engage in several teachings for the family (Youths inclusive), in which many things are being are being corrected in homes.

 We have various video discs in which we have recorded teachings, many of them with playlets at intervals. Many lives have also been touched with these discs.

 We produce books that changed many lives.

 We have roster which we follow each year going from one assembly to the other.

 We counsel and pray for homes.

 We welcome any invitation from your Assembly.

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