Drama / Film Ministry

Drama / Film Ministry

Drama / Film Ministry across the globe is a unique ministry, the spiritual mysteries unfathomable; the  profession too deep, too strange and difficult to easily comprehend. This has left different land of the  ministry yet uncultivated “Harvest is plenteous but labourers are few”.

It is a ministry designed for the  selected few yet loved and embraced by all and sundry. It is an applied ministry created not for its own  benefit and comfort but for the comfort and benefit of others as well as for the escape of the lost ones. Previous to the year 1996, there had been different kinds of drama groups spread across the  assemblies of GOFAMINT both at home and abroad. Nevertheless in the year 1996, for the purpose of  unification, standard operation, message purifications and to prevent unhealthy rivalry, drama ministry  in GOFAMINT was granted a national recognition.

All these different groups were then mandated to  become a unified entity operating under a single name GOFAMINT DRAMA/FILM MINISTRIES  (GODRAM). Pastor Paul P. Adaramola was then officially appointed the pioneering National  Coordinator and Head of Department of GODRAM. He operated between 1996 and 1999 after when the mantle of leadership fell on Evang. Paul G.  Alausa as the second national coordinator and head of department between 1999 and 2009.

The  ministry was upgraded by June 2009 and Pastor Paul P. Adaramola took over again from Evang. G.  Alausa now at the capacity of the National Director and Head of Department.  GODRAM operates a three tiers od administration, Area or District administration, Region  administration and National administration.

Drama Ministers from each GOFAMINT local assemblies,  come together to form a standard and formidable area or district GODRAM operating under a District  Coordinator. All these standard District or Area GODRAM within a Region come together to form a  Regional GODRAM under a Regional Director. GODRAM national team is drawn from across the  whole of GOFAMINT.

 Pastor Paul P. Adaramola

National Director/H.O.D

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  1. I wish to join the drama ministry in acting at this year’s convention. I am a memeber of gofamint, ondo district new town area ondo state and I am a full member of godram at my assembly here

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