The afternoon session was dedicated to the choir for their musical concert.
Pastor (Prof) Wilson Erhun (IP, Region 6) was introduced as the evening session moderator.
Pastor Orogbemi, an exco member said the opening prayer, it was followed by a session of melodious instrumental praise and worship.
Pastor Tosin Oladapo anchored the offering and thanksgiving session of those that was prayed for in previous conventions that came with their babies.

One of the choir leaders led the congregational hymn.
Pastor Taiwo Fagbuyi, the National Overseer, GOFAMINT North America took the message with the title: The Word, Worship and Wonders (2 Chro. 20:22-23)

• All you need to become all that God wants you to be in every sphere of life is in one tongue of fire.
• The tongue of fire is needed by a Child of God to keep them active in the spirit.

1. The Fire will change your thinking pattern
• What you think defines who you are.
• When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, your tongue changes.
2. The Fire will activate your potentials
• Fire leaves a definite impact wherever it is found.
• You have potentials in you waiting for activations.
3. The Fire will quicken you (Romans 8:11)
• The Holy Spirit is a life-giving spirit.
• When your spirit is quickened, revival comes.
4. The Fire will expose any evil that is hidden in your life.
• Light never struggles or compromises with darkness.
• The operations of darkness cannot survive in the presence of the Holy Spirit
• If you truly have the FIRE, you don’t fear the VIPER.
• No matter how deadly the VIPER can be, it can never survive the FIRE.
• Evil has no regard for colour or geography.
5. The Fire is a yoke destroyer
• Fire is the answer to any and every YOKE.
6. The Fire is an eliminator of impossibilities
7. The Fire guards and protects
• Without the fire of the Holy Spirit, the enemy won’t allow you dig your covenant well in peace.
• The Holy Spirit doesn’t just give you fire, He turns you to FIRE!
• The Fire of God never falls on an empty altar.
• When the Fire of God is working in you, God can do beyond your imagination.
The evening session ended with a heavy downpour of the Spirit after which a donation was made for the HOSAM. The General Secretary gave some announcements and said the benediction.
Glory to God for the success of Day Five! Hallelujah!

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