Day 7
Grand Finale Summary


The Grand Finale of the Rehoboth Convention started with Sunday school. The General moderator introduced Pastor Damilare Lordacquit, regional Pastor, of Region 6 as the moderator for the thanksgiving and closing service session.

The praise team led the congregation in singing a joyful song, praise and hymn to the Lord.

There was a special session for Thanksgiving where different regions appreciated God for the success of the Rehoboth Convention. Pastor Okomolehin prayed for all the regions.

The family of the founder/first General Overseer, Pastor R.A George was called upon for their thanksgiving. Likewise, the family of the current General Overseer, Pastor E.O. Abina had their Thanksgiving.

Pastor (Prof) S.O Ewuola prayed for the families.

The announcement was made by the Senior Pro, Pastor Holo.

The choir ministered to the congregation in a special selection of songs. This was followed by the closing message and ministrations by the General Overseer, Pastor (Dr) E.O Abina.
Topic: Go and be fruitful
John 15:16
Your salvation is not what you purchase. There’s nothing in this world. This world ought not to exist, that is why we need to preach the gospel. The good shepherd has a reward for us. The G.O. encouraged the youths not to be proud and not to criticize, he stressed that once they attain a height they will discover that it is not as easy as it is.

We are all workers together in God’s vineyard said the G.O. It is not good for one to get to heaven and not to recover any crown.
When you are born again, go and fetch others, bring them to the church.
1Pet 2: 9-10
You are a peculiar person, if you have Christ in you.
To every blessing, there’s a corresponding responsibility.

If you are not envied, there’s no change in your life. Isaac was envied because he prospered. If you don’t want to be envied, don’t ask for prosperity.

The General Overseer prayed for different categories of people.

The choir sang the hallelujah chorus.

The General Overseer declared Convention 2023 closed and said the benediction. He announced that the date for the next convention if the Lord tarries is Monday, August 5 to Sunday, August 11, 2024.

And the Rehoboth Convention was a huge success.

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