Weekly messages and Prophetic Declaration blessings

God has been blessing through the weekly message and monthly prophetic delaration. I have been bless both spirituall,morally & physically. May the grace of God in the life of Daddy continue to increase in Jesus. – Br. Peter from Jos.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly messages and Prophetic Declaration blessings

  1. I have always been blessed through our Daddy’s monthly Prophetic Declaration and weekly messages. In fact, we use this messages in our District and my own assembly programmes and many people are been blessed. May the Lord Almighty continue to renew the strength of our Daddy and also increase his anointing. You will live long with sound good health to the blessings of the multitude enjoying and receiving blessings from your message.

  2. Comment…Gospel church is a choose church,is a church God has empowered to Evangelized ,to preach d world,to leave d world an to teach d world..l am happy to be d bonafied of d church.May d Good God continued to bless our G.O an d remaining leaders in jesus name.

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