Texts: I Timothy 5:8, Col. 3:12-19, Ephesians 5: 23-33


Fathers are very important in the society. Without the fatherly role, being supported by virtuous mothers, society cannot function. All fathers must take the leadership role in the family.  Although this is not often the case in many families, including Christian ones. God put them in charge and the mothers are their executive officers (second in command). When a father relinquishes his command or the mother usurps it; the family suffers. Any time the ordained order of thing is altered, the result is always negative.

It is the father’s responsibility to support the family as head of his household. He should fulfill his responsibility to keep the family functioning in a positive manner. A father should protect his family by providing proper food, clothes and shelter.


Consider the following posers and discuss the implications of your role as a spouse in it and what part you have to play to make marriage work.

  1. God is the Originator, Principal and Vice Chancellor of the Marriage Institution.
  2. Marriage is the only School where you collect the certificate before you start.
  3. Marriage is the only non-graduating School ever established.
  4. Marriage is a School where you are not allowed to drop out, and the Principal does not expel you from School.
  5. It is a School that has no break, leave or holidays. You have to attend it every day of your life. Never go to sleep without completing your assignment for the day.
  6. It is a School where you have to communicate regularly with your classmate (spouse) and the Principal.
  7. Sometimes, you will not feel like attending classes, yet you have to.
  8. Love is the Major Subject of this School, and Bible is it’s only Textbook.

Now discuss the following issues on your role in the home as a loving head and father.

  1. If the man must ‘leave’ his parents and ‘cleave’ to his wife (Gen 2:24), should a new couple start their lives in their parents’ house?
  2. Why is it that it was the man that the Bible asked to ‘leave’ the parents and it was not addressed to the woman?
  3. Discuss your headship role as a husband in the light of the following phrases or words as can be inferred in Ephesians 5:23-33.

        –   Leadership

        –   Authority

        –   Responsibility

  1. What are those things that you, as a husband wish your wife should  know about you so as to make your marriage a bliss on earth?

Let us pray

  1. O Lord I thank You for it is Your will that I live a fulfilled life in Jesus’ name.
  2. My father and my God, any sin in my life standing to hinder me from being fulfilled in life, show mercy and forgive me in Jesus’ name.
  3. Powers attacking my fulfillment in life, be destroyed in Jesus’ name.
  4. I shall not die; but live to declare the works of the Lord in Jesus’ name.
  5. O Lord, endow me with long life and bless me in all things in Jesus’ name.
  6. I declare, I shall prosper and be in health, even as my soul prospers in Jesus name.
  7. I declare, no thief shall come to steal, kill or destroy me; my family, business and destiny shall blossom in Jesus’ name.
  8. I declare, I shall not cast my young or be barren in Jesus’ name.
  9. I declare, no one related to me shall cast their young or be barren in Jesus’ name.
  10. I decree, I shall fulfill my days and destiny in Jesus’ name.
  11. My manifestation cannot be stopped. I decree that my star shall shine, my voice will be heard, my enemies shall bow, I shall dance, I shall sing, I shall move forward and I shall breakthrough in Jesus’ name.
  12. Every door shut against my success, open by fire today in Jesus mighty name.
  13. Every door shut against my promotion, open by fire in Jesus mighty name.
  14. Every door that have shut out my helpers of destiny, be opened by fire.
  15. Holy Ghost, open by fire every door shut against my prosperity.
  16. Holy Ghost, open by thunder every door shut against fruitfulness in my life.
  17. The door to my promised land must open unto me of their own accord in Jesus name.
  18. Lift up your heads O ye gates and let the King of glory come into my life.

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