#VictoryMonth Day 9: Tuesday, 10th January 2017

Day 9: Tuesday, 10th January 2017


Text: 2 Cor. 12:6-9.



Life is full of challenges which are known and often referred to as problems in the language of the world. Christians prefer the word, challenges because we believe Jesus has conquered the world and obtained victory for us on the cross. We don’t believe that we have problems, that is why we don’t normally confess that we have problems. Though the Christian life is not bed of roses. There are one thousand and one issues of lives that are awkward, negative and difficult!

Paul’s experience in today’s Bible passage was a good example. He described the challenges of his life as “thorn in the flesh, Satan’s messenger to buffet me” (vs. 7). We can all agree that this experience in the life of this great, acclaimed and respected apostle is not palatable. No doubt, Paul was mightily used of God to do exploits of innumerable measure, definite impacts and of eternal value in the lives of the people of his generation.

Because of this notable impact of his life and ministry against the kingdom of darkness, Satan decided to afflict him with the thorn in his flesh to discourage him in the service of the kingdom. Thank God, Paul knew the devices of Satan, his faith in God remained unshakable. Whenever Satan brings such challenges our way, he meant to use it to make us to doubt God’s goodness to us, His presence with us as well as His faithfulness to us. Whatever Satan does and whatever be the tide or situation in our lives, we must maintain our faith, trust our God and be resolute in our commitment to Him. We must not yield to Satan.

Paul and Silas in the same vein were arrested, tortured and imprisoned because of their faith and ministry, they remained undaunted. They sang praises to God and prayed in the prison. God intervened miraculously, but not until they had endured and withstood the assaults of their adversaries.

You remember Satan spoke through the mouth of Job’s wife, counseling him to curse God because of the affliction which came upon him. (Job 2:9). Thank God, just like Paul, Job knew his God and held firmly unto his faith in God.

We must know that God remains the overall ruler and controller of the whole world. Satan’s power has limit and his operation has expiring date. Let us stand against him, against work and operations in our lives. As He told Paul, His grace is sufficient for each and everyone of us as we do the followings:

  1. Let us pray over and over about whatever challenges we are confronted with. Let us pray until something happens. Let us pray through to break through.
  2. Let us not challenge or accuse God, but let us only sing praises to Him continually. Because God is good, He will exhibit His goodness towards us.
  3. Let us endeavour to hear His voice. Had Paul failed to hear the voice of .God, He would have been the most frustrated person. The result alone which we get when we pray should not be the only answer to our prayers, we should endeavor to hear God’s voice to guide us, lead us and show us the way!


  1. Thank You Father, for Your grace that has sustained me hitherto.
  2. Thank You Lord, for the gift of life, for the gift of eternal life through Jesus and for the sufficient grace which is more than enough to keep me throughout lifetime.
  3. I promise You Lord, I will not murmur, I will not complain and I will not query You any longer about whatever challenges comes my way, but I will keep on trusting You, Lord.
  4. Each of us to sing a song of praise from our heart to proclaim the goodness of our God.
  5. Today, dear Lord, I receive Your grace a-new into my life, let it be sufficiently released to overwhelm and overpower all negative situations of my life in Jesus name.
  6. Release Your light upon my life to rid me of all afflictions and relieve me of all the tensions and sufferings in Jesus name.
  7. Let me hear Your voice in the midst of the storms around me oh dear Father.
  8. Grant me the sufficient grace to enable me face all challenges to be faced, avoid all problems to be avoided, solve all the ones that need solution and endure those that are meant to endured.
  9. I bind all the strange spirits of fear and terror around me in Jesus name.
  10. I receive the spirit of love, power and sound mind to carry out the purpose of God for my life in Jesus name.
  11. I move up and stay on top of the situation of my life, no more beneath in Jesus might name.
  12. Make the content of Your agenda clearly known to me and help me to key into it and actualise it to fulfill divine destiny in Jesus mighty name.
  13. May I not operate in the carnal or demonic program any longer, all the days of my life, oh dear Father.
  14. Heavenly father, perfect Your plan in my life and make me whole in Jesus mighty name.
  15. 2 Cor. 8:9, Lord, make all grace to abound towards me, that I may always have all sufficiency in all things, that I may abound to every good work to Your glory, the growth of the church and the wellbeing of fellow believers in Jesus name.

Altar call and collective prayers for sufficient grace to help all that are going through different challenges of life and negative experiences.


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