#VictoryMonth DAY: 7 SUNDAY, 8TH JANUARY 2017



TEXTS: Acts.4: 33, 1Kings 14: 7, Rom. 5: 17-21



You need Great Grace for divine lifting. It is Abundance of grace. It signifies not only a sufficiency, but grace enough and to spare. Great Grace causes God to deal kindly and graciously with us. It causes one to enjoy divine lifting and divine abundance beyond measure. It brings one from obscurity to the lime light. The stories of Joseph, Esther, and Mordecai illustrate this. It brought Joseph from prison to palace. Mordecai from the gate to the palace and Esther from captivity to palace. Great Grace causes one to enjoy sweatless lifting.

God is the Almighty lifter. He delights in the lifting of His children. Anybody can be lifted up on a platter of Grace. God can lift one from nobody to somebody. He can lift from an ordinary person to extraordinary person. He can lift up anybody from lower position to higher position. He promotes people from the ranks of common people to royalty. 1Kings NLT reads.

“Give to your husband Jeroboam, this message from the God of Israel: I promoted you from the ranks of the common people and make you ruler over my people Israel’’. Wonderful! God promoted Jeroboam from the ranks of the ordinary people (the common heads) to royalty – the coronated heads. What a marvellous lifting through Grace? He can do the same thing in your life and your family through Grace.

Beloved, God lifts people from dust to dignity through Grace. Hear this: “A message of condemnation from the Lord was delivered to King Baasha at the time of Prophet Jehu.” I lifted You out of dust “to become king of my people Israel; but you have walked in the evil path of Jeroboam. You have made my people sin, and I am angry” Truly, God took Baasha from nothing, Completely nobody and made him a ruler of His people. This was uncommon experience. It ushered him into a realm, a new season, a new class and a new status. He got the divine lifting through grace but he lost through disobedience or unrighteousness. What a glorious lifting and what an inglorious fallen!

In this life, anyone can enjoy divine lifting through God’s many sided favour, much grace, Great favour, overflowing kindness and blessing of God. Divine lifting is when God elevating you from the ranks of obscure people to outstanding people. The Lord magnifying you exceedingly. “And the Lord magnified Solomon exceedingly in the sight of Israel and bestowed upon him such royal majesty as had not been on any king before him in Israel”. (1 Chro. 29;25). It is God that is setting you up. ‘O Lord for thou has set me up, and not made my sin to triumph over me (Ps. 26:30). It is God giving an ordinary person a place among the great. God setting people of no rank in seat of honour. It is God taking you from the status of men of no ranks to men of ranks. It is God taking you from the rank of common people to become an uncommon achiever. No doubt about it; divine lifting is getting to true greatness. It turns one to a living wonder and miracle. It produces results that cancel any forms of insult from your life. It raises one to the throne of honour. Therefore, get ready for your divine lifting through the Great grace. This is the season of your divine lifting. This is your time of supernatural promotion. This is the period that God wants to change your level, status, story and song. There is lifting for you in God. He can make you exceedingly great, if you choose to be great. All you need to do is to just position yourself in the will of God. You shall be divinely lifted.


  1. Our Father, we thank You because You are the lifter of heads and that You delight in the lifting of your children.
  2. O Lord, make me and every member of my family candidates of Your swift and sweat less lifting
  3. O Lord, cause me to experience in my life and family; that kind of lifting that brought Joseph from prison to palace, Mordecai, from the Gate to palace and Esther from captivity to palace.
  4. O Lord, promote me from the ranks of ordinary people, (the common heads) to the coronated heads.
  5. O Lord, help me to enjoy marvelous lifting through grace.
  6. O Lord, lift me from nobody to somebody and from the dust to dignity or royal.
  7. O Lord, enable me to enjoy Your divine lifting through Your great grace.
  8. O Lord, cause Your great grace to bring me from obscurity to lime light.
  9. O Lord, cause me to experience uncommon lifting that will usher me into a new realm, a new season, a new class, and new status!
  10. O, Lord, magnify my life exceedingly by Your great grace.
  11. O Lord, give a place among the great.
  12. O Lord, let Your great grace make me uncommon achiever in life.

13    O Lord, by Your great grace, make me a living wonder and miracle in this life.

  1. O Lord, cause my life to experience a total lifting by Your great grace.
  2. O Lord, by Your great grace, make my life to go upward and forward.

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