#VictoryMonth DAY 29: Monday 30th January 2017

DAY 29: Monday 30th January 2017



Text : Acts 16:1-10



Paul the apostle and his allies in the ministry, enjoyed divine directive as seen in our today’s Bible reading. This started with his right choice of Timothy as one of his most trusted allies (vs. 1-3). They went forward not only in upholding but defending the faith of the fathers’in-faith as handed over to them by the apostles in Jerusalem (vs. 4). The Church also increased tremendously numerical-wise as a result of their activities under the divine guidance (vs.5). They also received definite leading on what to do and what not to do in all specific cities they went (vs. 6-7). They had clear visions and understanding of the will of God as they preached the gospel (vs.9-10).

God’s work done in God’s way, they say, never lack God’s support. We need divine support more than any other things in our Church today. That is why the experience of Paul and his fellow ministers  must be re-enacted in our Church of today.

Already, it has started playing out. The same way Timothy was chosen as the most trusted ally of Paul, some ministers have just been chosen under divine directive to occupy key and sensitive offices in our Church recently. This is a divine response to our prayers. We need to pray more that God will continue to guide and lead the General Overseer and the Executive Council in making decisions that are in conformity with the will and plan of God for the Church.

As we go into our prayer today,  let us take a careful note of the following salient points:

  1. Agreement is of utmost importance: One way or the other, we may not seem to agree with our leaders on certain aspect of their decisions. Sometimes, we may not see things the way our leaders see them. This should not be enough reasons to complain, criticize or attempt to crucify them. That was what happened between Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness in those days. They murmured, complained and criticized Moses again and again. This did not help Moses nor benefited the Israelites. We are not permitted in the Bible to criticize our leaders, we are only enjoined to pray for them. Disunity and disagreement is a Satanic instrument to destroy the Church. Be warned!
  2. Appreciation of our leaders: The fact that our God-chosen leaders in GOFAMINT are extremely humble people does not mean that we should be dishonoring them. The divine input in their ministry is clearly evident. The wide-spread of the branches of GOFAMINT all over place hitherto is a clear sign of divine input. If God has not been with our leaders and working with them, there was no way the church would grow to this present level. Let the glory of the growth of GOFAMINT go to God and let the honor go to our leaders. GOFAMINT leaders; we salute you, sirs!
  3. It is our duty to pray: For our right disposition, none of GOFAMINT leaders sees the Mission as a personal property or sphere of influences. They all came in and joined the Church as individuals and are only contributing their quotas for the growth of the Church. The Church totally belongs to God. It is the duty of every member therefore, to pray earnestly to God to help our leaders to lead the Church in the path of righteousness. If we fail to pray and the leaders do not lead the church right, we are all going to share of the blame.


  1. Thank You, Lord, for giving us the Holy Spirit as the Teacher, Counsellor and the Presbyter of the Church.
  2. Holy Spirit, we thank You for Your input in the ministry of our ministers in this Church.
  3. Thank You, blessed Holy Spirit, for the way You have led us to each place: village, city, country and individuals that have so far being reached with the gospel of Christ.
  4. Holy Spirit, do it again, reveal to us in a new way, the divine agenda for the end-time harvest of souls in Jesus name.
  5. Reveal to the General Overseer in a very clear term those things You have ordained for us to do as a Church in Your end-time divine agenda.
  6. Whatever is there in our own man-made plans contrary to Your divine agenda; reverse them and forbid us from doing them, oh Lord.
  7. Help us, Lord to know and to do what You programme for us to do and never to do what is forbidden of us, no matter how good it looks like.
  8. Reveal to our G. O. oh  Father, the next phase of Your plan, purpose and programme for GOFAMINT in Jesus name.
  9. Grant to our G. O., and the Executive Council members the “men of Issachar” vision and revelation by which they will know what Gofamint ought to do.
  10. Grant to our G. O. Pastor Abina greater grace and greater anointing for the ministry that will outlive him.
  11. Grant unto our G. O. greater insight to lead the Church to a higher height in Jesus name.
  12. Father, we pray that Pastor (Dr.) Oludele Abina will not experience pains and hardships for the remaining days of his life. He would finish strong and well in Jesus name.
  13. Dear Lord, grant unto us and our leaders, great grace and marvelous help to take us to the next level.
  14. Dear Father, grant unto our D. G. O., Pastor Dr. Oluwayemi, the double portion of anointing like Prophet Elisha of old for double portion of exploits to move GOFAMINT forward.
  15. Empower, equip and enable our D. G. O.  to make the expected, needed and necessary contributions for GOFAMINT to emerge and fulfill her divine mandate.
  16. Dear Father, help all the existing and newly appointed officers (A.G.Es, R.Ps, I.Ps, N.Os, H.O.Ds, D.P.s, D.Es) to do unprecedented exploits in Jesus name.
  17. Give us divine keys and show us divine doors to our financial treasures in GOFAMINT, oh Lord.
  18. We request, Father for divine blessing and provisions upon all the retired Excos as well as other retired GOFAMINT ministers, oh Lord.
  19. We, also pray for divine provisions for all retired GOFAMINT members; meet them at the point of their needs, oh Lord.
  20. We request for divine blessings and protection for family members of the Late Pastor R. A. George, the first General Overseer in Jesus name.

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