#VictoryMonth DAY 24: WEDNESDAY, 25Th JANUARY, 2017



Texts:  Isaiah 18, Hosea 1:10


Insight for effective and fervent prayers

Nigeria has a great promise in God’s end time agenda. It is a nation blessed by God in several respects. With abundant natural, human and mineral resources; arguably, Nigeria is a country to beat, even by the developed world. Strong prophetic words have gone out on Nigeria since the early seventies on how the Lord is going to use Nigeria in His last days gospel mission work. We thank God that in fulfilment of this prophecy, the Lord had raised up great and effective servants of His, in this land, who have taken the gospel all over Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. Among these was a saint called home, our Founding General Overseer, Pastor(Dr.) R.A. George and our current visionary General Overseer, Pastor (Dr.) Elijah O. Abina. The Lord had used the GOFAMINT to bear up the torch of the gospel as a foremost indigenous gospel church which has been used by God to challenge christiendom to higher grounds in Nigeria. Today, many products among those raised up in GOFAMINT are great instruments God is using in many other Pentecostal Churches and ministries in Nigeria. So, let us know that Nigeria still has hope as long as we are ready to pray today and play our part as Christians.

Prophet Jeremiah was considered to be a prophet of doom, a harbinger of bad news. In the scriptures we discovered how Jeremiah was lamenting over the impending destruction of Judah because of their wrong doings; in this instance, he was not speaking based on his physical senses, the things he said were spiritual. Interestingly, the prophet’s predictions capture the picture of present day Nigeria – wickedness, corruption, oppression, unspeakable moral decadence, and now terrorism. These points to the fact that Nigerians have removed the God-factor from the equation. Nigeria needs our prayers. With our prayers we can restore the hope of the gospel, stem the tide of corruption, bring back prosperity and reposition Nigeria in the comity of nations (1 Tim. 2:1-2). For Nigeria to experience the change we desire, the Church must rise up and fulfil her divine mandate, for our Lord says, ‘we are the salt of the earth… we are the light of the world. We dare not fail Him.


  1. Using 2 Chronicles 7:14, pray that God will heal and restore our land in Jesus’ name.
  2. Pray that all the evils of corruption, selfishness, bloodshed and wickedness in this land be forgiven through the mercies of God.
  3. Ask the Lord to forgive His Church for our laxity and lukewarmness, pray that the Lord should revive and visit His Church.
  4. Pray that every wall and barriers erected by the devil in the lives and hearts of people against the gospel be broken down,
  5. Pray that the Lord will use the Church in Nigeria to raise a new crop of Christ-minded people who will rise to use their prosperity to meet the needs of those that are hungry and hurting. Remember the Lord Jesus said, ‘give them something to eat’ (Luke 9:13).
  6. Pray that the Lord will grant the government wisdom to restore all our broken down sectors and infrastructures, such as roads, power, schools, health etc, with a passion of excellence and selflessness.
  7. Using Job 5:12. pray that all evil underground agenda being worked out on Nigeria by the dark kingdom, especially by the spirit of the sons of bondwoman be disappointed and destroyed by Holy Ghost fire.
  8. Pray that the angel of the Lord will fight against all instruments of the devil against the Church, such as Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen, and turn them to become instruments of the gospel like Apostle Paul.

9      Confess that JESUS is Lord over Nigeria, no matter what the devil tries.

  1. Pray that Nigeria is forgiven and delivered.
  2. Pray that the fear of the Lord prevails in Nigeria.
  3. Pray that the blood of Jesus prevails over Nigeria.
  4. Pray that Nigeria submits to God and surrenders to His will.
  5. Pray that righteousness will prevail in Nigeria in Jesus’ name.
  6. A destruction of all false altars and prophesy and establishment of the Altar of the Almighty God, in Jesus mighty name Amen.
  7.   Pray for a blessing over the Land. From the East to the West, from the North to the South, proclaim a blessing.
  8. Pray for destruction of every prince of the air ruling over all the regions.
  9.   Pray that the True Light will shine to all that are still in darkness in all the regions.
  10.   Healing over the economy, restoration of agriculture etc, and godly leadership.
  11. God to make a child of His, a minister of God to become the President over Nigeria.

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