#VictoryMonth DAY 22: MONDAY, 23RD JANUARY, 2017



TextS:  Matt. 2:15, Isaiah 18


Insight FOR effective and fervent prayers

Africa is next in God’s agenda for bringing back His Kingdom, and GOFAMINT Churches in African countries must brace up with the liberating word for their various nations, while at the same time, make efforts to cover the face of Africa with the Word of the Lord as was done by the Apostles in Acts 19:10.

As seen in the text above, even though Africa is an ‘underdog’ among the continents of the world, yet it was instrumental to protecting our Lord Jesus Christ during His persecution by Herod. Furthermore, Isaiah 18:7 says, nevertheless, .. ‘presents shall be brought to the Lord of Hosts….’ from these underdog nations.

Christians in Northern Africa are faced with the same opposition as their brethren in the Middle East — persecution from Muslims intent on spreading the message of Mohammad, often by force and violence. Some of the persecutions come from Muslim extremists but much of the persecution comes from government’s hostility towards Christian faith. The Christian Church has been persecuted in nations near the Muslim influence of the Middle East, such as Egypt, Sudan, Libya and Somalia. However, the spread of this animosity and hostility against Christians has spread as far as Nigeria and Kenya. In numerous countries throughout Africa, conversion to Christianity is punishable by flogging. Oftentimes, family members who cannot bear the shame of the apostasy of their loved ones end up beating and killing Christian converts within their own family. The only hope against all this violence is the further spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ; penetrating the hearts of people throughout Africa, especially in the northern nations. The God who is able to change the heart of Saul, a great persecutor of the Church, and turn him into a foremost apostle, can likewise change the hearts of men and women throughout Africa.


  1. Begin to thank God for all our African Mission fields that the Lord had set them up as a standard torch-bearer in their nations.
  2. Give thanks to God for sustaining them despite all the challenges they have been facing financially, socially, politically and culturally.
  3. Pray now for a greater wisdom and revelation for our Pastors in these nations that they may advance the cause of the Kingdom using all available tools as provided by the Holy Ghost for them.
  4. Pray that the Word of the Lord will not fail in their mouths and it will have a free course of proclamation among the heathen.
  5. Pray that Christians in Muslim-influenced areas being persecuted would not respond against violence with violence
  6. Pray that God would work in the hearts of Muslim and anti-Christian extremists to give them a saving knowledge of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ
  7. Pray God would soften the hearts of those in leadership and power against anti-Christian policies and practices.
  8. Pray for God’s wisdom, connection and resources to penetrate and plant Churches in those nations, that we are yet to be reached.
  9. Specifically pray for a gospel entrance and open doors to nations such as Ethiopia, Sudan, Mali, Morocco, Gambia, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Angola, among many others.
  10. Pray that God would bring stability to the governments and political regimes in northern African nations
  11. Pray that God would protect children from being kidnapped, sold into slavery, and forced to fight religion battle.
  12. Pray that God would raise up a generation of missionaries to penetrate northern Africa with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to build up Christian leaders who are gentle and humble.
  13. Pray for our African fields that are facing serious financial challenges that the Lord will cause them to have members who will earn sufficient money in the currency of the nations where they dwell.
  14. Pray for those African fields that have become financially sufficient to be moved by God to sow back to the mother Church here at home in Nigeria.
  15. Pray that the Lord will use our Church to liberate Africa from the yoke of poverty, ignorance and disease through a caring and compassion ministry.
  16. Pray for a mighty apostolic revival in our African Mission fields that the Lord will add souls to us daily such as are being saved.
  17. Pray that the Lord will stir up the hearts of various individuals as groaners, givers and goers for our African Mission fields.
  18. Ask the Lord to release unto us in each African mission field, faithful teachers of God’s word to the children, youths and adults.
  19. Begin to bless God for the coming breakthrough in our African mission fields.

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