#VictoryMonth DAY 16: Tuesday, 17th January 2017

DAY 16: Tuesday, 17th January 2017


Text: Luke 1:26-38, 1Sam. 10:5-7



Human life as made by God is a rare gem, a combination of possibilities on right side and impossibilities on the left side. What happens to him each time depends on which of the hands he uses at any given time. The impossibilities manifested in him with the fact that many other creatures on earth like giant animals are physically bigger and stronger than man. Also, the birds of the air can soar and fly high in the sky,  but human being cannot. These are just but few examples of the impossibilities associated with human being. Then, again, when you look at it from the other side, you see this same man doing unimaginable things. For instance, man invented automobiles that can outrun any animal on earth. He built the air-plane that can fly above any bird of the air. Man is not only flying in the air, he has gone beyond the firmament into other planets such as the moon. What a great feat!

This shows that human being cannot be taken for granted. He may look small and ordinary this minute, the next minute, you may see him soaring high. As believers in Christ, we must not underrate ourselves at all. We are for signs and wonders as the children of the most High God. We are embodiments of potentials. With Christ in us and Holy Spirit as the source of our power, we can do and undo.

What is it that you want to do in life that looks and appears impossible? You need to shift base and move from negative side of impossibilities to the positive side of possibilities. From ordinary to extra-ordinary realm, from carnal to spiritual side of life, then the impossibilities would become possible. If human being can move from Stone Age to analogue, then to machinery, further to electronic and now to digital age through the employment of science and technology to transform the world to its present enviable stage, then the believers have greater opportunity to do the impossible through spiritual means.

In our scripture reading today, Mary was informed of the divine plan for her life. She was to be pregnant and give birth to the Son of God and Saviour of the world. To Mary, this was totally impossible! She was a virgin, how could she be pregnant without having sexual intercourse with any man? The angel told her that it was an impossibility from human perspective, but with God, all things are possible. (Luke 1:37). He went further to reveal to her the secret of the possibility: “The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the almighty will overshadow thee” (Lk. 1:35). The Holy Spirit in the believers life makes all impossibilities possible. It is time for all of us to move to our rightful position, from carnality to spirituality, impossibility to possibility!

Why do you want to remain ordinary? It is time to go to another level. Like Elisha, let us crave for the double portions of power. With today’s prayer, our lives shall be transformed and we shall become another man as foretold in the Bible. “After that thou shalt meet a band of prophets coming down from the high place with a psaltery, and a timbrel, and a pipe, and a harp before them, and they will be prophesying: and the spirit of Jevohah will come mightily upon thee and thou shalt prophesy with them, and shalt be turned into another man. And let it be, when these signs are come upon thee, THOU SHALT DO AS OCCASION SERVE THEE” (1Samuel 10:5-7).

With this, we have no excuse, we have no option than to join the chariot, go into the radical and phenomenal spiritual experience and begin to do exploits and make impact to turn our world down side up in Jesus name.



  1. Thank You, Lord, for designing our lives for signs and wonders.
  2. Thank You for what You have done, what You are doing and what you are yet to do in our lives.
  3. Thank You for seeking, searching and locating us the same way You located Mary in Nazareth in those days.
  4. I am so happy and so grateful to know that I am so special and that I have a prime place in the divine agenda.
  5. Reveal to me oh Lord, the great plan You have for my life, the same way You revealed to Mary.
  6. Open my eyes, open my ears and open my heart to perceive the vision of the Spirit in Jesus name.
  7. I believe You Lord, for the vision of the great things you want to do in my life, have Your way in my life oh dear Lord.
  8. Show to me oh Lord, the things that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard and the heart has not perceived, those things You prepared for those who love You.
  9. I move my life from the negative side to the positive side of life in Jesus name.
  10. I come today Lord for connection and collection of Your power, connect me truly and powerfully in Jesus name.
  11. My life as a vessel is empty, pour Your oil upon me, oh dear Lord in Jesus name.
  12. I put my life in the hand of God for the fulfillment of divine agenda in Jesus name.
  13. Every dormant potential in me, receive life and be activated in Jesus name.
  14. Today, by the power of the Holy Spirit, I become an active member of the church. My life shall no more be dull or dormant.
  15. Holy Spirit, fill my life and empower me maximally and radically in Jesus name.
  16. Fill my life and make me a truly spirit-filled believer in Jesus name.
  17. Every door of opportunity and goodness that I knock from today shall open in Jesus name.
  18. Holy Spirit, connect me and fill every available space in my entire being in the mighty name of Jesus.
  19. I receive a positive turn-around experience in all areas of my life and undertakings in Jesus name.
  20. All impossibilities become possible, all closed doors become open and all negatives become positive in my life, in my family and in my church from today in Jesus name.

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