Behold, I and the children the Lord hath given me, we are for signs and wonders… (Isa. 8:18).

Our faith in Jesus Christ has introduced and transformed us into an entirely new life. As believers, we are in a special level and status of life.

We are a “chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation and a peculiar people”. These qualities which place us in a special position do not just distinguish us, but also place us in special position in the programme of God.

The special position we are in is not an end in itself. It is meant to prepare us for what God ordained for us to do. We are supposed to be in dominion and affect the Kingdom of God positively by turning the World around and deliver the Kingdom unto our God.

To make this possible, it is pertinent for us to tap into the fullness of the Holy Spirit to equip us and make us ready for the assignment and fulfill destiny. Fullness of the Holy Spirit is of utmost importance in our lives. By it, we are empowered and have our hidden potentials discovered and show-cased.

One major experience of human life is failure in different areas of life, the Church-live inclusive. This is manifesting in our inability to achieve set goals and fulfill one’s heart desire. However, this is not supposed to be our lot as Christians as well as the Church. Failure is not part of God’s agenda for us. To prevent this, Jesus made adequate provision for us which He unveiled to His disciple in His last message to them before His ascension. “Ye shall receive power when the Holy Ghost is come upon you and ye shall be my witness …” (Acts 1:8). Every trace of failure in any aspect of Christian life can directly be attributed to being destitute of power in that area of life. May be in the area of holiness, witnessing, winning souls, faithfulness, fruitfulness, victory, love etc. That is what makes the fullness of the Holy Spirit an important issue. Wherever there is shortcoming and vacuum in our lives, the supply of power will change the situation from negative to positive.

That is our focus in prayer this year. Our prayer, especially this Victory Month is going to address many areas of our deficiency with the aim of receiving the fullness of power of the Holy Spirit to experience positive change in different areas of our lives and Church.

I therefore call upon every members of the Church to participate actively in the prayer programme and believe God for answers to all our prayers. Our lives shall not remain the same again. I wish you all happy Victory Month.

Pastor (Dr.) E.O. Abina,

General Overseer


1.  Proper Mobilization: All ministers should ensure that members are encouraged and mobilized to participate in these prayers throughout.

2.  Absolute Consecration: Every member should ensure that considerable time is spent on prayer. The divine injuction is “Pray without ceasing”. God will answer us according to the level of our prayer.

3.  Diligent Preparation: Every Pastor-in-charge should prayerfully and wisely prepare the roaster of those to lead prayers for each day ahead of time and must have thoroughly gone through the prayer points before assigning it to any leader.

4.  The Leader As A Point Of Contact: The prayer leader of each day must read the inspirational message first before adding his own explanation. This will enable the people to have right insight into the prayer focus of each day and pray each prayer effectively.

5.  Effective Ministration: Let all ministers prepare for the special ministration for each day. This is a golden opportunity. It must be handled with all seriousness and great faith.

6.  Brief Admonition: The minister leading each day’s session should not spend too much time preaching. The admonition should be brief and snappy so that people would have enough time to pray.

7.  Special Family Vigils: Monday 6th, 13th and 20th have been scheduled for special family vigils. These should be taken with all seriousness. All ministers should encourage each family to participate, it will help us to get better result and serve God better. See pages 76-89. 

8.  Special Group Vigils: For the arrangement of the various vigils, see pages 90-91.

9.  General Vigils: Should be arranged in each Assembly. See page 92-94


The Church of Jesus Christ, according to divine design is meant to be dynamic, progressive and victorious. Though, the individual members called to form the Church are weaklings, humanly speaking, yet God did not intend that we should operate at the weakling level. He intends that we should be empowered by His own power to carry out His agenda. Isaiah 40:29-31 says: “He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary; and the young men shall  utterly fall; But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint”. This Scripture aptly describes the divine plan, purpose and design that God has for His Church and people in order for them to be what they should be.

It will be recalled that Jesus warned His disciples not to attempt to go out for the missionary work assigned to them by Him until they have waited on God in prayers to receive the Holy Spirit and His power. This was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost as recorded in Acts of Apostles chapter 2. The experience of the fullness of the Holy Spirit in the upper room transformed the disciples’ lives radically and positively and the purpose of the Master was fully fulfilled in their lives.

As a Church, GOFAMINT is set for the same experience this year. The will of God and the desire of our G.O. is that every one of us should be filled with the Holy Spirit to the maximum. It is in this and in this alone that each and all of us can fulfill divine mandate and destiny. What the early Church did is what we are set to do this victory month, wait on the Lord in prayers until we are dredged with the latter rain.

There is power in prayer. Without exergeration, prayer is the greatest power available for human beings to wield and use on earth. “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” (James 5:16). Situations and circumstances are controlled and turned around through prayers. Elijah commanded the rain not to fall for three and half years and it was so. On mount Carmel, he prayed and commanded the fire to fall and the rain to also fall that same day at the same spot and it happened (I Kings 18:37-38,42-45). Rain and fire from the same heaven at the same spot on the same day! Amazing! Joshua prayed and commanded the sun and the moon to stand still for a whole day and it was so. King Hezekiah was sick unto death. At the point of death, he prayed and the verdict of death upon him was reversed and fifteen years were added to the days of his life (II Kings 20:1-6).

Are we not excited that the same opportunity that these men of God of old had is what we also have on a platter of gold this year once again? How well and how much are we going to use this power? Don’t let us allow Satan to cheat us. Let us make best use of the materials provided in this booklet to pray well, pray diligently and pray thoroughly by and through, through the help of the Holy Spirit. God bless you.

Pastor Richard Usenu,

Pastor Bola Taiwo,

Pastor J. K. Akinola,

Pastor S. O. Shoretire.

Victory Month Prayer Committee


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