Change is real, change is inevitable, I never knew it happened in a twinkle of an eye. This change happened to my church, the gospel faith mission int’l (GOFAMINT) Ilogbo assembly, Ilogbo Ekiti in a very unique way. This change becomes a reality after a four day revival held by GOFAMINT Outreach Evangelism under the leadership of Evang. Adeniyi George

As a student in this town and a member of GOFAMINT, I have the understanding of what am talking about. I need to tell you the state our church was before the commencement of this revival, my church was an object of mockery, and nobody want to identify himself with this church. We have ten members in which aged women were four in number, the pastor family, and few students with GOFAMINT background. As a matter of fact, some of the GOFAMINT background couldn’t attend my church claiming that the church is aged women church

The revival started on 20th to 23rd of February 2015, word of the mouth can’t explain how powerful the revival was, the revival shook the whole town, and people were like water. The holy spirit arrested unsaved souls, many souls were won to Christ under the revival. Most of the people that gave their life to Jesus Christ had since joined workers and they remain steadfast till today. All glory to God, after the revival people begin to celebrate our church and willing to attend all our Programmes

This year revival is the greatest, more than 112 souls confessed Christ, anointing was flowing like water. In a group discussion a woman described the revival as the one that God established to set us free in this town

The gospel faith mission int’l Ilogbo assembly has come to lime light, we are no more a reproach church, God have transformed us through the ministry of GOFAMINT Outreach Evangelism under the leadership of Evan. Adeniyi George. We ascribed all glory to God, He has done a great thing and it is marvelous before us.


It would be an historical mistake and amounted to undreamed death if I refuse to give the testimony of what God did in Usi land in Ekiti state through seven days revival, held on 15th to 21 of January this year by GOFAMINT Outreach Evangelism under the leadership of Evangelist George Adeniyi.

It was like a dream when the revival started but the imprint will remain permanent in the heart of every citizen of Usi land. The most amazing part of the revival was at the middle of the revival when an Occultist (Ogboni) member gave his life to Jesus Christ, he publicly confessed christ and made up his mind to be following Jesus. The whole town was covered with anointing, countless number of people repented from their evil ways, the revival with about 7,000 people was remarkable and it will remain ever green in the history of the land

All the participant of the revival was blessed, most especially a woman who came for counseling on what to do to be living a holy life.

His royal highness, Oba Akande Adedayo who could not hide his joy appreciate God, in his word, he made it clear that this Programme has been in existence for eight years but this year programme which was anchor by GOFAMINT Outreach Evangelism is the greatest and most unique revival we have ever had, Said the king.

I couldn’t believe my eye when I saw three men  who came out from the multitude to drop the phone they picked on ground it happened different day like that, they could not go home with the phones after they were arrested by the holy ghost. I give all glory to God for the ministry of GOFAMINT Outreach Evangelism under the leadership of Evan. Adeniyi George

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