I am Mrs. Adeleye. I was suffering from body odour. I was very sick and had pains all over my body and it has been on for two weeks. But during the prayer I received my healing and my body does no longer smell.

My name is Blessing from Benue. I usually experience in my dream that i am having sex with a man and when this happens, I wake up with pains all over my body as if I was being raped. The recent occurrence of such dream was two weeks ago before convention. As the man of God was praying, I felt something strange happening all over my body and I could not feel the pains again.

My name is Kemi Adediran, I have been having headache for six years. When the man of God asked us to touch where we are having pains. I placed my hand on my head and as we were praying, I felt something cold in my head and that was the end of the headache.

I am from Ado-Ekiti, I was suffering from partial stroke before I came for the convention. My left side was dead. But during the prayer, I could lift up my hand and my left leg. I am wholly healed now.

My name is Ilesanmi Oluwakemi, i have been suffering from migrame since 2009. But now I am healed.

My name is Clara Udege from Ogba district. Last year, something entered into my leg and I have being supporting myself with umbrella, I could not walk well and I find it difficult to do things. But during the prayer, I received my healing.

I am Clement Simisola. I have not been able to menstruate for a year but as the man of God was preaching I started menstruating

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