From Pastor (Dr) E. O. Abina,

The General Overseer of GOFAMINT




The young lions lack and suffer hunger; But those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing…I have been young, and now am old; Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, Nor his descendants begging bread. He is ever merciful, and lends; And his descendants are blessed (Ps.34:10,37:25,26).


Every genuine believer in Christ, saved, converted, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit, became a child of God by adoption and therefore has the right to the things that belong to God. God is your Father and you are His child, and if child, then a heir- a heir of God and a joint heir with Christ” (Rm. 8:17). You belong to a Father who owns and possesses the whole world and all fullness therein. It is ridiculous for you to be poor, so as to become a beggar unless you are ignorant of your right or fail to live according to the standard laid down by your heavenly Father. In the text of this message, you find that it is possible for young lions to lack and suffer hunger (even though the mother lion is the head of all the beasts in the forest) but those who seek the Lord, shall not lack any good thing. Some of the characteristics of a child of God include seeking God in prayer, in His word, seeking the Kingdom of God, being hungry, and thirsty for righteousness (because his Father is righteous, he is merciful, pure in heart etc).

In Christ’s sermon on the Mount, He calls such people- “blessed”. When someone is blessed by God he/she cannot be a beggar on the street, no that cannot happen to you as you remain an obedient child of God. It is true that every child of God cannot be a millionaire but it is equally true that a true child of God who is more valuable than the sparrow cannot be a beggar on the street he/she will be provided with the basic necessity of life, such as food, shelter, clothing, etc as long as you work with all seriousness, you are qualified for the blessing of God on your work according to His word (Deut. 28:12).

A child of God works and is willing to work as if it were for the Lord. God does not bless anyone who is lazy, because God Himself is not lazy. If you as a child of God finds yourself so poor that you become a beggar on the street you need to check your life and your stand with your Father in heaven. The Lord Jesus taught that if our Father in Heaven feeds the fowls in the air, clothes the lilies in the field, how could he not feed His own people created in His own image? The Lord Jesus sent out seventy people to go and preach the gospel of the kingdom, heal the sick and raise the dead. He told them not to take money along with them or any provision for accommodation for the work He sent them to do. They came back with success story, they did not lack anything because they obeyed and did what the Lord asked them to do. (See Luke 10:1-12, 17-20). The testimony of the psalmist in our text is also enough evidence to encourage you that you are not destined for poverty. But mind you, make sure you pay your tithe regularly, give to the works of God and His servants, do not be stingy to the widows, the fatherless, the handicapped, the oppressed and the less privileged in the society.

Finally, be obedient to God, read the word of God and claim your heavenly Father’s good promises for you. I promise you, there is no lack for you. Remain blessed

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