Pastor (Dr) E. O. Abina


(A REMEMBRANCER) Gen 26:28,29d, Heb 2:1-4.

Sunday 17th August, 2014.

“Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away. For if the word spoken through angels proved steadfast, and every transgression and disobedience received a just reward, how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation, which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed to us by those who heard Him, God also bearing witness both with signs and wonders, with various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit, according to His own will?” (Heb 2:1-4).

The word ‘remembrancer’ looks archaic or obsolete, it simply means: “one that reminds”.  We give all glory to God the Maker of heaven and earth and the Ruler of the whole creation for what He did in our just concluded Convention with the theme: The Astonishing Christ.  Those who attended and those who seriously watched on the internet and through GOFTV would agree that it is no secret what God can do.  That being so good, so far, we need to remind ourselves of what we have heard, seen and learned.  We all saw with our eyes, the conversion of sinners, healings, miracles, deliverance, answered prayers and a lot of others what the Astonishing Christ performed among us.  It is important for every participant to hold on to what we learned and heard; to be doers and not hearers only deceiving ourselves according to apostle James (James 1:22-25).

All we received proved beyond every reasonable doubt that the Lord Christ is the only Saviour of the world accredited by the only True and Living God.  You dare yourself not to be drifted away from the truth you heard and learned.  Remember Jesus’ parable of the two builders in Matthew 7:24-29, read it again and again.  All the parables that Jesus taught convey heavenly messages to us.  At the close of service, we all listened to the message titled:  Now You Are The Blessed of The Lord.  You are blessed spiritually and materially!  Why and how?  Because one of the many divine transactions which Jesus accomplished on the cross was: He took our poverty on Himself and gave us His riches: spiritual riches and material riches.  He was able to do that because everything was created through Him and also for Him, and He possesses all “For through Him God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth.  He made things we can see and the things we cannot see, such as thrones, kingdoms, rulers and authorities in the unseen world.  Everything was created through Him and for Him” (Col 1:16 NLT).

For you to retain your blessings from the just concluded convention and record a lasting joy LISTEN AND HEED THESE SUGGESTIONS:

1.        Ensure that you read our convention 2014 teachings over and over again as many times as possible until you become like Christ.
2.        Fear God and keep His commandments (Eccl 12:12,13)
3.        Imbibe the culture of faithfulness and integrity (II Kings 12:15)
4.        Pay the tithe of your gross income regularly (Mal 3:10-12)
5.        Get involve in preaching the gospel regularly. Don’t be ashamed of the gospel (Acts 1:8; Rom 1:16,17, II Tim 1:7-9).
6.        Be diligent in your work. Don’t be lazy (Prov 22:29)
7.        Be willing to serve in humility within the church and outside the church (Prov 22:4; Matt 20:27,28).
8.        Be generous to God, church projects, the poor etc. Don’t be stingy (Prov 11:24). Riches are a blessing only to those who makes them a blessing to others.
9.        Have strong faith in God, His word and His true servants (II Chron 20:20, Mark 11:22)
10.   Read your Bible and pray without ceasing (Ps 1:1-3), Lk 18:1-8)
11.   Redeem your vows and pledges as at when due (Deut 23:23; Eccl 5:4,5)
12.   Always remember the child of whom you are. You are in the world but not for the world (John 17:16; I John 2:14-17).
13.   Believe that you are now the blessed of the Lord and claim your right as a child of God (Rom 8:16,17)
14.   Always confess that you cannot belong to Jesus (The Astonishing  Christ) and remain poor either spiritually or materially (II Cor 8:9)
15. Ensure that you read through all the scriptural references being given in this message.
16.   Plan as if the coming of our Lord (The Astonishing Christ) were many years away, but live as if it were today (I John 3:1-3).  Remain blessed in Jesus name

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