UNIT 1: His Early Life (Lessons 1-4)

LESSON 1                     6/9/2015


Suggested Hymns: G.H.B. 5,9

Devotional Reading: Exod 2:1; 6:16-20; 15:20.

Topic For Adults: Lay A Good Foundation For Your Family

Topic For Youths: Why Am I Here?

Topic For Intermediates: I Am A Child Of Destiny

Scripture Lesson: Gen. 34:30, 49:1-5; Exo. 2:1

Memory Verse:           “And a man of the house of Levi went and took as wife a daughter of Levi” (Exo. 2:1) NKJV


Sun. 6/9/2015

God Confirmed His Choice Of The Tribe Of Levi

Num. 17:1-11

That the Lord had chosen the tribe of Levi to be priests and to serve in the tabernacle did not go down well with other tribes. People were constantly complaining against Moses and Aaron as if both had arrogated much power and authority to themselves. God had to put His stamp of authority to confirm that the choice of the tribe of Levi was His. We need to note that the rods that God asked the leaders to bring were not fresh rods, but like the rod of Moses, they were dry rods that had been used for years. Notwithstanding, God made the rod of Aaron to bud, to blossom and to bear ripe almond fruits overnight. This was an incontestable miracle, which confirmed the selection of the Levites. There are many disobedient and stiff-necked people in the church who find it difficult to obey spiritual authority. They will grumble and complain when asked to follow instructions.

Point of Emphasis:      God backs up those He has chosen with power, authority and miracles.

Prayer Point:   God, confirm the ministry of our leaders with signs and wonders in Jesus’ name.


God has a perfect plan for His people. Though the nation of Israel was conceived in the womb of Egypt, her delivery became a huge task with many emerging midwives and their differing interest. Pharaoh would rather die than see the new nation birthed into existence while God had to carefully arrange for the safe and proper delivery of the new nation. God arranged for a tribe out of the children of Jacob to represent His interest and to serve as the deliverer of His children from hard labour. The story of God’s faithfulness and interest in the delivery of His people and the means of achieving His purpose is our story today. God still plans for His people till date.



Jacob, the Son of Isaac, had twelve children. Levi was the third child of the twelve children. Levi had three children, Gershon, Kohath and Merari which later formed the three divisions of the Levites. Amram the father of Moses was the first son of Kohath while Jochebed the mother of Moses was Kohath’s sister. Moses, which literarily means saved or drawn from water was a man of renown and famed for his acquaintance with God and his usefulness in liberating the Israeli nation hailed from the tribe of Levi. Amram married his father’s sister. Although, such marriage might have been allowed before, it was not allowed thereafter when God gave the man Moses the marriage laws.

When the history got to Moses, the illustrious son of Amram and Jochebed, what had been the status quo was challenged and changed forever. Moses, a man of renown and history, whose determination to know God and walk with God affected and influenced a nation and by extension the world history positively, cannot be forgotten till the end of the age. Moses had a walk with God in a sense and pedigree in which no one else was described before him! Thou art inexcusable! That no one had walked with God before in your lineage is no excuse for misbehavior. That you have no one to encourage you around is no excuse. Your decision to walk with God and do His will is personal. No one can eat for you, no one can sleep or urinate on your behalf. Decisions that make us grow are personal. Decide for a change from the status quo. What you live for will outlive you and it will definitely make your memory alive even when you are gone! Living is non-sense without an essence for existence as living in the real sense is existing for a purpose. What are you living for? What is your godly contribution to this generation, to your family, your church and people around you? What will you be remembered for?


Movements are essential as compulsory and imminent, although the direction might or might not be favourable. It can thus be either positive or negative. The tribe of Levi had long been journeying in the negative direction of movement owing to the reward of a misdeed. Jacob the Patriach cursed Levi, his third child alongside Simeon because of their fierce wrath and anger outburst against the Shechemites who defiled Dinah their sister (Gen 34). Dinah thus became the first defiled lady by an infidel in history in the hall of woes of the emerging nation of Israel. A lesson for us to stay where God wants us to stay as anything contrary to that will get us stained.

Levi was left with marks of disgrace following the curse pronounced by Jacob his father. Levi and Simeon broke the heart of their father by their unrighteous killing of the Shechemites who had submitted to be circumcised to please their prince. Levi and Simeon absolved Dinah who struck the spark that began the fire by her visit to the Shechemites. Though the offenders tried to atone for their sin by circumcision, their circumcision could not save them because it was not an act of obedience to the law of God but to please man. In which ways are we also pleasing man today instead of pleasing God? Only true religion and unadulterated service to God guarantees heaven’s approval, applause and protection. What are the reasons why we do what we do in the church, in our homes, with our wives, children and with our friends? Are they simply to gain man’s approval or heaven’s nod? God is more comfortable with an unbeliever than a hypocrite and pretending believer!

Jacob knew that God had promised to preserve and perpetuate his posterity, but he justly feared that the vile practices of his children would amount to a forfeiture of God’s initial plan. When sin is in the house, there is imminent danger and thus ruin should be feared at the door. Sensible parents should foresee the bad consequences of sin which the wicked children have no dread of and so pray for the children and warn them appropriately. Don’t indulge your children and don’t spare the rod to prevent spoiling the child.


Levi brought shame upon his parents; he made Jacob stink among the heathen. As children to our earthly parents, so also are we children to God. As a parent will be proud of his diligent and serious child, so also will God be proud of a serious and diligent Christian as found in the life of Job (Job 1:1). In what ways are you a shame to the name of God you are identified with? In what ways are we a bad representation of our church, our family and our God? What will people say of us and our religion? Note that, the gross misconduct of wicked children is the grief and shame of their godly parents. As children to our parents, let us make them happy, as children of God, let us make God happy.

Instead of Levi and Simeon to ask their father for forgiveness and show remorse, they made justification for their sins. Instead of humbling themselves to their good father and beg for his pardon, they were outwardly resolute. He whom the father loves, he chastises. Are you happy when you are corrected? What type of a child are you?


            Endeavour to please God in everything you do rather than please man. Don’t compromise, don’t be a pretender or an eye service Christian. Do away with every form of sin because it has great consequences. Let God be proud of you. Represent Him well. Ensure you are remembered for something good.


  1. How does the determination of Moses to walk faithfully with God influenced the nation of Israel and the world?
  2. Did Levi and Simeon show remorse toward the sin they committed?
  3. Explain how the tribe of Levi journeyed in the negative direction.
  4. What are the consequences of sin?
  5. How did Moses’ action affect and influence our Christian history?



DIMANCHE 06/09/2015


NOMBRES 17:1-11

Le fait que l’Eternel ait choisi la tribu de Lévi pour être sacrificatrice et pour servir dans le tabernacle n’avait pas plu aux autres tribus. Les gens se plaignaient constamment de Moïse et d’Aaron comme si tous les deux s’étaient arrogé tant de pouvoir et d’autorité. Dieu a dû poser son cachet d’autorité pour confirmer que le choix de la tribu de Lévi était le sien. Nous devons noter que les verges que Dieu avait demandées aux chefs d’apporter n’étaient pas des verges fraîches, mais comme la verge de Moïse; c’étaient des verges sèches qui avaient été utilisées pendant des années. Néanmoins, Dieu fit bourgeonner la verge d’Aaron; il la fit produire des fleurs et mûrir des amandes pendant la nuit. Ce fut un miracle incontestable, lequel confirma la sélection des Lévites. Il y a dans l’église beaucoup de gens qui sont désobéissants et entêtés qui le trouvent difficile d’obéir à l’autorité spirituelle. Ils murmurent et se plaignent quand on leur demande de suivre des instructions.

Point essentiel : Dieu soutient ceux qu’il a choisis avec puissance, autorité et miracles.

Axe de prière : Dieu, confirme le ministère de nos dirigeants par des signes et des merveilles au nom de Jésus.

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