Quarter’s Theme:THE HOLY SPIRIT

Unit 3 Theme: Intimacy With The Holy Spirit (Lessons 9-12)




4/5/2014  LESSON  10




Suggested Hymns: G.H.B. 244, 249

Devotional Reading: 1 SAM. 10:1-11

Topic For Adults


Topic For Youths


Scripture Lesson

ACTS 2:14-42;

Memory verse:    But Peter, standing up with the eleven, raised his voice and said to them, “Men of Judea and all who dwell in Jerusalem, let this be known to you, and heed my words. For these are not drunk as you suppose, since it is only the third hour of the day”. (Acts 2:14-15) NKJV  



The Holy Spirit Strengthens Our Inner Man

Eph. 3:14-19

Anybody that will overcome problems, challenges and battles, must first overcome them in the mind before the physical. This is the reason why Christians need to be strengthened in the inner man. The inner man is our real self. The outward man is that one which is seen and considered by men. The inward man is that which stands particularly in reference to God and eternity. The outward man is strengthened by earthly food but the inward man is strengthened by spiritual and heavenly influences. This is made possible everyday by the Holy Spirit and this makes it possible for Christians to bear trials, resist temptation, discharge their duties and live a life of faith.

Point of Emphasis:     The strength from the Holy Spirit gives us victory over the world and the flesh.

Prayer Point:              Holy Spirit, strengthen me in the inner man to overcome always.


This lesson is about the transformation and changes that the Holy Spirit brings
into the lives of believers when He comes upon them. These changes are many
but this lesson will x-ray the lives of three biblical characters as examples of the transformational power of the Holy Spirit.



Apostle Peter was one of the Biblical characters that we can observe, who experienced the transformational power of the Holy Spirit. At the early stage of his walk with Jesus, we saw Peter as bold and outspoken, always asking questions from Jesus (Matt. 15:15; Jn. 13:6, 24, 37 etc). At another time when Jesus asked who did people say He was, it was Peter that was able to answer by affirming that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God (Matt. 16:16)

However, when Jesus was about to be crucified, He warned Peter that Satan wanted to sift him but He had prayed for him (Lk. 22:31,32). Jesus eventually told Peter that before the cock crew, he would deny Him three times (Lk. 22:34) but Peter said that he was ready to go with Jesus both into prison and to death. Eventually, what Jesus said came to pass. Just a young girl confronted Peter to be one of the disciples of Jesus and Peter, out of fear, denied Jesus Christ (Matt. 26:69-75; Lk. 22:54-62; Jn. 18:15-18,25-27).

On the day of Pentecost, after the Holy Spirit had come upon the disciples and their lives had been transformed, when the crowd who came for the convention heard the disciples speak with other tongues, they were confused as to the meaning of what was happening, to the extent that some were thinking that they had been drunk with wine. By the influence of the power of the Holy Spirit, Peter that  shook before a young girl and denied Jesus, stood up with the other disciples and spoke boldly to the crowd about Jesus. The message was so powerful that it was the sinners that reminded him to make the altar call (Acts 2:37).

When the Holy Spirit comes upon a believer, fear and timidity will give way to boldness. Someone who cannot face the crowd before, will be ministering to multitude of people with boldness by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.


Saul, who became apostle Paul, was a great persecutor of the Christians in the early days of the Church. He was looking for ways to wipe out the sect and he was always happy to instigate their arrest. He was around when Stephen, the first martyr, was stoned to death. As a matter of fact, he was the one who helped the killers to keep their clothes (Acts 7:58; 8:1). At a point in time, he was still breathing threats and murder against the disciples by going to the High Priest and he took a letter of permission to bind any Christian he might find in the Synagogues of Damascus. He was on his way when the Lord arrested him and he was converted through the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 9). It is interesting to know that Paul received the Holy Spirit on the third day of his conversion through the instrumentality of brother Ananias (Acts 9:9-17).

From this time, the transforming power of the Holy Spirit started manifesting in the life of Paul. For instance, in Acts 13, it was during a Church service that the Holy Spirit spoke that Paul and Barnabas should be separated unto Him for the work of the ministry. Reading through the book of the Acts of the Apostles, we saw many mighty works done by Paul through the influence and power of the Holy Spirit. The life and ministry of Paul changed. He suffered many things for the sake of the gospel, yet he did not deny or renege on his commitment to the Lord.

Let us know that part of the transformative power of the Holy Spirit is to convict and convert sinners to the Lord. We have heard of notorious sinners that people had given up hope on them but that were saved by the power of the Holy Spirit. There have also been ministries that were once not effective and fruitful but whose stories have changed for better by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can do it again in your life and ministry.


Philip was one of the members of the early Church. He was a man of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom (Acts 6:3). When the need arose for people with such qualities to be appointed as deacons, he was found qualified and he eventually became one of the very first seven deacons of the early Church.

As we all know, the duty of a deacon is to serve tables and other assignments that may be given by the superior leaders. Philip was faithfully doing his work. But we did not hear much of him in Jerusalem until persecution arose and the disciples were scattered. Philip went to Samaria but the fire of the Holy Spirit in him propelled him to preach the gospel. Little did he know that he had the gift of miracle in him until he saw people being delivered from demonic possession and many believed and there was a great joy in the city (Acts 8:). This is what the Holy Spirit can do in the life of any believer who surrenders fully to Him.


There can be no end to the discussion of the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Apart from the Biblical characters that have been examined, there are many living witnesses of such transforming power of the Holy Spirit in our contemporary society. All genuine believers that have received the Holy Spirit baptism must have this experience. Do you have this testimony?



1.     Explain what you understand by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life.

2.     Mention some specific influence of the Holy Spirit in Apostle Peter’s ministry.

3.     Where was Paul going when he was arrested by the Lord?

4.     How would you describe the transforming power of the Holy Spirit on Deacon Philip?


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DIMANCHE 04/05/2014



Quiconque désire vaincre des problèmes, des défis et des guerres (combats) doit  les vaincre d’abord dans l’esprit avant le physique. C’est la raison pour laquelle les chrétiens doivent être puissamment fortifiés dans l’homme intérieur. L’homme intérieur est le ‘moi’ en nous. L’homme extérieur est celui qui est vu et considéré des gens. L’homme intérieur est celui-là qui demeure surtout par référence à Dieu et à l’éternité. L’homme extérieur est soutenu par la nourriture mondaine (physique) alors que l’homme intérieur est quant à lui soutenu par les influences spirituelles et célestes. Cela est rendu possible tous les jours grâce au Saint-Esprit et  rendu possible aux chrétiens de supporter les épreuves, les tentations, d’accomplir leurs devoirs et de mener une vie de foi.

Point essentiel : La puissance du Saint-Esprit nous donne la victoire sur le monde et la chair.

Axe de prière : Saint-Esprit, fortifie-moi dans mon homme intérieur pour toujours vaincre.

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