Unit 4: Our Final Victory And Reward (Lessons 10-12)

LESSON 12                            24/5/2015


Suggested Hymns: G.H.B. 232, 235

Devotional Reading: EPH 6:10-20

Topic For Adults

I Have Finished My Course

Topic For Youths


Topic For Intermediates


Scripture Lesson

1 COR. 16:13-24

Memory Verse:   Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong (1 Cor. 16:13) NKJV


Sun. 24/5/2015

Watch And Stand Fast In The Lord

1 Cor. 15:58; 16:13-24

We must understand that life is not a bed of roses. Christ already told us this. Therefore, problems are not tenable reason for any Christian to backslide or fall away from the Lord. God’s admonition to all Christians is that we should be watchful, sober and vigilant, for the Devil, our adversary is looking for whom to devour. Whatever we are passing through, let us hold fast tenaciously to the Lord. He alone can help us. Let us hold fast to our faith in the Lord and serve Him to the end. Let us assist others in love so that we will help ourselves to get to heaven. And God will not forget our labour of love in Him and for the brethren.

Point of Emphasis:             Be immovable even in the face of difficulties.

Prayer Point:                                      Lord, uphold me to the end by Your Grace. My labour in You will not be in vain


The Christian journey is a long journey. It is not enough to start well, only those
who finish well will be rewarded. This week’s lesson focuses on some tips that can help a believer to finish well i.e. by stand firm and not allow anything to move one in the Lord come what may.


(1)   BE WATCHFUL, BE STEADFAST (1 COR. 15:58; 16:13-14)

Paul, while trying to conclude his letter, having answered some of their questions and put them through on certain wrong issues he heard about them (the Corinthian church), he gave them the concluding advice on how they can live their lives and be pleasing to the Lord. He gave certain tips that can help them not to depart from the Lord.

The first instruction he gave them was to watch – they should know that they have many enemies. They must continually be on guard. They must watch against evil, watch for opportunities to do good; therefore, watch for opportunities to receive good; watch over others in love; and watch that none may draw them aside from the belief and unity of the gospel. Second, they must stand fast in the faith. They must hold in conscientious credence what they have already received as the truth of God. Third, they must be brave like men. They must not be like children tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine. They must be ready to give up their lives rather than give up the testimony of God. Fourth, they must be strong by putting forth all the vigor and energy which God has given them in propagating and maintaining the truth. Lastly, they must do all things in love. Love to God and love to man, and love to one another must be the motive of all their conducts (cf 1 Cor. 13; 1 Cor. 14:1)


Paul also gave another tip of what can help one to stand firm in the Lord. He gave them the example of Stephenas and his family, who happened to be the first Achaen convert. The members of this family had been baptised by Paul himself (1 Cor. 1:16). In spite of the age in which the main had been in the Lord with his family, they were not tired in working for God. The area of their speciality was ministering to the saints. They had addicted themselves, voluntarily, without anyone compelling them or exhorting them to do it, to minister to the saints, to help the followers of Christ. They had been the chief instruments in supporting the work of God in Achaia.

Paul, therefore, urged the Corinthian church, as God is urging the 21st Century believers, to submit themselves unto such good work. We must have due regard for those that are doing such work and treat them with distinguished respect and honour for what they have done. We ourselves must covet and do such great task by supporting and ministering to everyone that aids God’s ministers in the ministry or those providing for their needs. As you are supporting and ministering to the saints to further God’s work, you are confirming your soul in the Lord and you are not likely to depart from the gospel which you are sponsoring with your resources.


Paul also gave another tips of things you can do to assist you in standing firm in the Lord. The rule is always, be a blessing unto others. Paul mentioned Stephanas, Fortunatus and Achaicus and reported that he was glad about their going to Corinth because they did everything possible to supply those spiritual lessons and virtues, information or counsel that were lacking or wanting among the Corinthians. They supplied all that the Corinthians had neglected or failed to furnish Paul with which his letter did not cover. Believers too need to be mature enough to assist other Christians to grow to maturity. When we do this, we make Jesus and our spiritual leaders to be glad about our doings.

The final effect of the good work these people did was that they refreshed Paul’s spirit and the spirit of the Corinthian believers. They had been a means of contributing greatly to Paul’s comfort, and what contributed to his comfort must increase the Corinthians comfort. By the presence of these three Christian leaders and their reports it was a gratifying and of cheering kind. Paul also advised that such type of people in our midst must be acknowledged and received affectionately. We must cherish them, treat them kindly, and we should also evince such spirit of refreshing others, supply the spiritual virtues they lack through teaching, counseling, prayer and admonition.


The goal of every Christian is to make it to heaven. Those who fall by the way side could not get to heaven. Those who started well but became tired on the way and go back cannot make it to heaven. Only those who stand firm, strong and tall in the Lord till the end of their Christian race on earth can make heaven. Therefore, stand firm, strong and finish well in the Lord.


(1)   Mention certain things that believers should watch for.

(2)   Describe how a believer could stand fast in the Lord.

(3)   What do you understand by ministering to the saints?

(4)   How can believers refresh other believers and ministers?

(5)   What is God’s expectation from us from this lesson?


DI MANCHE 24/05/2015


1CORINTHIENS 15 :58 ; 16 :13-24    

Nous devons comprendre que la vie n’est pas une partie de plaisir. Christ nous a déjà dit cela. Cependant, les problèmes ne sont pas des raisons valables pour tout chrétien de basculer ou de tomber loin de l’Eternel. Le conseil de Dieu pour tout chrétien est que nous devons être attentifs, sobres et vigilants car le diable, notre adversaire cherche qui dévorer. Quel que soit ce que nous traversons, demeurons fermes avec ténacité à l’Eternel et servons-le jusqu’au bout. Soutenons les autres avec amour afin que nous puissions nous entraider à entrer dans les cieux. Et Dieu n’oubliera pas le travail de notre amour en lui et pour les frères.

Point essentiel : Sois inébranlable même devant les difficultés.

Axe de prière : Seigneur, soutiens-moi jusqu’à la fin par ta grâce. Mon travail en toi ne sera pas vain.

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