The second teaching of the theme “THE ASTONISHING CHRIST” by the General Overseer, Pastor (Dr.) E.O. Abina. The topic was “Astonishing in Service and Ministry”. He said that Christ is really astonishing, He is wonderful and He does unspeakable surprises. He is not only amazing in existence or incarnation but also astonishing in service and ministry. His leadership style has no equal among human, He is a man of his word, whatever He says he does. He is humility exemplified, He treats everyone with love and His service towards mankind is truly amazing.
To be like Jesus even as a Christian means to love, whoever serves the astonishing Christ must be able to love equally and to be like Jesus, means we have to love like him.

The General Overseer of this great mission expresses his unhappiness towards the fact that love has grown cold in the church. He employed everyone around to go back to a Christian life that is full of love.
In humility, there is a popular saying that “if you are too big to serve, then you are too small to live”. The man of God also laid emphasis on the fact that pride is of the devil and that a great man is not someone who has many servants but someone who serves many. Humility without service is not acceptable before God. Likewise service without humility is not good and it does not reflect the attitude of Christ.

In conclusion, Christ’s kind of servant-leadership is unequal. To be like Christ, as Christians we have to be able to love equally. Be humble and be ready to serve other at all time.

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