NACECO 2016 Day one     –    Pastor Peter Awodimila

Topic: The Troubles in the World: Causes, Effects and

Text: john 6:33

– The departure from God is the genesis of the problems of the

world or of the troubled world.
– Departure from God in search for alternatives. E.g Ritual

sacrificies admist family members.
– Internally displaced persons. Over 33.3 million people were

displaced according to statistics in the world.


Bridge of political contract is an highlight of the troubled


Those in position of authority are the unrighteous ones which

are also the wicked kind of leaders.

Crisis of legislation at the political class.

Ethnics and communal clashes.

Currency devaluation, unemployment and retrenchment.

Corruption in government and in the church.


Health related troubles- HIV/AIDS, Ebola etc.

Urbanization – mass migration from rural to urban cities.


– Cultural norms and values not followed anymore like broken

homes, gay marriages and lesbianism, divorces, naked marriages

and separations.
Change in family system.
Pornographies among youths of today.
Criminal activities.
Advance in free fraudulent acts.

– Terrorism

– kidnapping

– Corruption in justice systems
– Economic sabotage

– Life expectancy – in Nigeria, its said to be age 52.
Pre-mature deaths.

The word of God.

Preaching of the word of God.

Infusing the word of God among men of the world.

Application of the word among daily living of christian

communities in the world.

Abolishment of Ogun worshippers

Its time for we christians to take the word back to them.

We should always pray that the Lord should load us and empower

us again with the word

Lord! My portion will not be given to another

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