On our visit to the clinic, it was noticed that the environment was well tided up and there were 3 admitted patients in which was a pregnant woman who was in the labour ward. One of the patients had an accident while coming and he was happy with the way he was been treated at the clinic and also thanked God that was getting better.
With gladness we gathered that Mrs Taiwo Favour, 28 years old ,from Badagry District, Miracle Centre Assembly was delivered safely of a healthy baby boy at 10:10am.
During an interview with Dr. Adeyemi Oluwaseyi, the doctor on shift, he commented on the way in which the mission is managing the clinic. He said the church should produce drugs and other medical sectors like the Pharmacy Department, Laboratory Department, and more wards for the patients
Missionary report given by Rev. Daniel Aganenu. He blessed the name of the lord for the great works and miracles God wrought during their missionary outreach. Presently in Nigeria Gofamint is regarded as one of the first four in Nigeria. The remaining three churches are ECWA, CHAPO and REDEEEMED.

A church in turkey sent me on a missionary trip to Ephesus in Philadelphia. I realized that the Muslims in Ephesus are 90% which means, there are less Christians in that country. Another gift given to the missionary is from the women ministry who gave us over 200 Ankara. Also, Pastor Awodimila gave me a cheque this morning, all for the growth of the missionary work.
Another report was given by Pastor Ajadi in Australia. He reported that God in his wonders never cease to amaze the church of God, through the infinite mercies of God, the church of God keeps marching forward, and souls are added to the church. Through the help of God and much encouragement by the General Overseer the church has been able to acquire two centers in Australia.

The news reaching us from the information centre. It was reported that foreign participant have not registered except for the republic of Benin in which all their members have registered. Less than a thousand participants who registered online have come for their cards and some of them even came back to re-register.
The total attendance for today’s program as at the time it was taken was 42,449. The major development that will be happening in next year convention is that people who registered for this year’s convention online will be given a code for next year’s registration.

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