June, Your Month of Higher Ground (Rev.4:1)


Pastor (Dr) E. O. Abina




June, Your Month of Higher Ground (Rev.4:1)
·        The Lord will move you from the lower level to the upper level in your ministry, business, studies e.t.c.
·        You will go from strength to strength and glory to glory.
·        Whatever beclouds your lifting is removed.
·        Your delayed promotion will be effected without fail.
·        You will enjoy double promotion as a reward.
·        The Lord will take you from obscurity to limelight.
·        Your ailing business will receive divine touch.
·        The Lord will lift you up with His right hand of righteousness and every eye will witness it.
·        You will be celebrated for a surprised divine uplifting.
·        The LORD will show you new things that will usher you into  a new dimension of lifting.
·        Your spiritual life will receive a touch of  lifting.
·        Doors of opportunities for higher things shall be opened for you, and you will move up.
·        God will lift you up above your colleagues.
·        You will no longer operate at the level of no progress.
·        The Lord will lift GOFAMINT to a higher ground of prosperity in all its operations.
·        God will turn your poverty to both spiritual and material prosperity.
·        You will be the head and not the tail where you are now, and so shall this month be better than last month for you in JESUS mighty name.

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