He started by acknowledging the presence of Prof. Ewuola, Pastor Okomoleyin, Pastor Akinyelu, NEC brothers and sisters. He went further by saying this is the time to produce and reproduce after likeness of Christ. He quoted’’when I was a child I behave like one, and when I am old I also behave like one.

He went further and said we should never take the grace of God in vain, treat others as you want to be treated, inculcate the virtue of gratitude for all things, maximize all moments in this conference, follow peace with all men, avoid conflict, support the conference with your prayers and money, be at the right place at the right time, enter all that you learn in a journal or jotter for future reference, table your requests before the Lord, trust the Lord to bring answers to your requests, entertain no distraction or distracters, receive all that the Lord has for you. And he went further and prayed that may our manner cease so that we can enter God’s original plan for our life.


shun examination malpractice, Pastor (Dr) E.O. Abina urges GOFAMINT students

BY Oshuntoki Tiawo and Ololuwa Stephen

The General overseer (GO), the Gospel Fiath Mission International (GOFAMINT), Pastor Elija Abina has warned students to shun examination malpractice in their varoius institutions.

the GO who made this knwon in his keynote address that was delivered by the Deputy General Overseer (DGO) pastor S O Ewuola at Gospel Student Fellowship (GSF) 15th Biennial National conference, themed ‘ when the manner ceases’ urged the teaming student not to allow any man despise their youth, adding that if students study adquately and trust in God, success acedemically is attianeble.

abina stressed that the singles in GOFAMINT at large must choose within the church because there are many beautiful and handsome men and women in this church, maintianing that they must pray very well before angaging with one another and not choose by sight.

“you are not here by Accident. your parent gave birth to you in this church (GOFAMINT) ,it was not by accident your are converted to Gofamint, it was not by accident that Esther parents were not famous (Esther 4:4) but she arise and became queen in the palace. It was not by accident we all find ourselves in Gofamint. (heb. 11:24). It was not by accident that Moses was born in Egypt and it was not by accident he found himself in pharaoh’s house.

He remembered he was born in difficult time, he remembered that pharaoh commanded that all the male child of the Israelites should be killed but God gracoiusly kept him. It was not by accident that God used Moses to deliver the people of Israelites out of Egypt, it was for purpose and you are here for a purpose and the purpose you most not toil with.

you must not involved in any sort of malpractice, study well and trust in God for success. He has also experianced this before and God helped him.

you must learn from Moses , Moses and Elijah appearance on transfiguration hill and talking with Jesus was not an accident. Moses work is not limited to this world alone but till eternity he will receive his reward in heavan. i encourage you to emulate Moses because you are the future of Gofamint, this is your church that God has placed you, and it will accommodate your gifts and ministry.

Meanwhile, in his address noted that he prayed for all students once in a week,saying that this season will be a season of New Era to all GSFITE




There are three sets and categories of people in this world of ours. They include:


The children of Israel at some points passed through these three phases. They were TENANTS in Egypt for a period of 430 years due to a covenant God had made with their Ancestor Abraham – Gen.15:13-14. Though as we all know that Tenants are to pay “something” for their stay but in the case of the Israelites, they didn’t pay any rent initially, but on the long run, they paid dearly – Exo.1:6-10.

  • Their sojourn into Egypt dated way back to Joseph. Joseph’s story which we are very familiar with, He (Joseph) came into Egypt as a result of Opposition… Gen. 37:28

“Opposition is a tool for positioning one in a position of prominence”

  • He (Joseph) was also sent to prison for an offence he didn’t commit Gen. 39:7-33… from slavery he moved into imprisonment but in all of these his stars was shining till he got connected to the King.

“Joseph went into Egypt as a slave unwillingly and all that came through him ended up being slaves unwittingly”

Majority of us has turned ourselves to economic slaves unconsciously through trips to the “city and overseas” – your movement must be a function of God’s direction not your own discretion.



  • They learnt God’s selective care – Gen. 47:27
  • They learnt God’s mercy in child bearing – Exo. 1:19
  • They had the experience of God’s manifold blessing
  • God’s covenant of favor on their departure – Exo. 11:2-3
  • God’s covenant of defense – Exo. 14:19-20.



Though they were treated to a grand and a rousing welcome, they were introduced to royalty upon arrival, they were also given the best of lands in the land of Egypt and on top of all, and they were not subjected to any form of taxation. But in all of these enjoyments, they never thought about their future – this was their greatest mistake ever. From the phase of being TENANTS, they got to another phase of life – WANDERING – They became WANDERERS.

Between the times one is released from the bondage and actual realization of one’s dream, there must have been a phase of WANDERING.

God didn’t grant them a direct flight to Canaan; instead He made them pass through a season of WILDERNESS. Their prayers didn’t erase the wilderness because the wilderness is part of the syllabus which must be covered. A man with a dream wanders with his dream in His mind. The people you encounter in the course of the wandering determine the length of your journey.


In their entire sojourn in the wilderness they never learnt to appreciate God, all they did was to complain; do we also praise God in tough times? Learn to give thanks to God even in problematic times.

In order to enjoy the best from God. One must learn to give up the Good and the Better.

Manna is a temporary food for those who are themselves in an impermanent stage or conditions.

Breaking the yoke of dependence
By: Pastor Taiwo Salau
Life is a circle, it is a function of time, and the alpha and omega of man’s life is time.
• Dependence means the state of relying on or being controlled by someone.
• It is a stage where your survival is not in your hands.
– Any man who looks up to someone for survival is not a man yet.
– There is no man without something to offer in life.
Manna – a tentative provision to sustain life, manna is just a ladder i.e. something you use to get to somewhere and when you are there, you don’t need it anymore.
– Manna is a stage to occasion what you have after you use it; it brings out what you have.
– Between the ages of 17 – 30, this must be an emergence to a man.
– Your God is not mighty if you fear the threat of the devil.
– If any man must become what God wants him to be, he must understand the nature of God.
To break the yoke of dependence
• Mental revolution (brain revolution and development)
Thinking as stars in life.
• Giving tithes and offering
• Sacrificial giving

Akinyelu Blessing and Olaoluwa Stephen

Day Two
Power as of old
• Every child of God, if Jesus is living in you (the breaker of the way) you can never go astray.
• Power belongs to God my creator.
• Strength comes straight from God.
• God’s power is an absolute essential for the believer.
• Without the power of God, one’s destiny can be vandalized.
• If you lack the power of God your destiny maybe vandalized, and you may die in the wilderness of your promise land.
• Without power of God you can’t do the work of God with passion.
• Power helps to energize and to empower to resist temptation from unexpected and expected quarters.
• The greatest power enables to do the will of God.
• It takes power to gain and to retain victory.
• Power enables you to prevail, and carry the day every day.
• Without the power of God you can’t fulfill your destiny.
• Some are not only badly born but are born under conditions that are not favourable to godly growth.
• We need power that will bring people from the dark side of life to the light side of life.
• It takes the power of God to move from the back seat of life to the front seat of life.
• We need the power of God for divine performance.
• You need the power of God to be like Christ.
• If you are powerless your life will fail, expire, crash, vandalize, go under, stop working, come to an end, go bankrupt, and you will dance to the music of the devil.
• Without the power of God you will become a living wanderer instead of a living wonder.
• Without the power of God you can’t overcome the life challenges that are to lead you to your greatness.
• David was able to overcome goliath because he has power and lead him to his greatness.
• If you are powerless you will stumble and become a stumbling block.
• If you lack the power of God your generation will substitute you, even the church of God will.
• If you lack the power of God you will rejected and despised.
• If you are powerless your life maybe permanently disfigured.
• Without the power of God you are a leaking vessel.
• Without the power of God the church of God maybe confused.
• Like today 2,000 years ago, Jesus said on the cross’’ it is finished’’, so therefore, all curses, failure, set-backs, and all bad things in your life is finished in Jesus name.
• If you are not steadfast in prayer, you are steadfast in digging your grave.
• When you are meeting God, power will come.
• You need the power of God to fight the devil both as a roaring lion and as a deceiving serpent.
• You can only get divine help from the bible.
• Is the word of God that you have that will determine the amount of fire you will generate.
• Moral power is courage to reject sin and speak the truth at all cost.
• Prophetic power is key power to design the wrong and right.
• Might is courage or boldness to stand for God or to do the will of God.
• The power of the Holy Spirit can make you what God said you will be.
• You need power to stop the work of the devil and to spoil their works and not be spectator.
• You need power to become spiritual fighter and not backers.
• If you lack power, your life can be wasted.
• If you lack power the works of God will spoil in your hand.
• The moment the devil see stars in your sky, he will initiate a battle with you and if you lack the power of God you will die before your appointed time.
• The bigger your problem, the easier for God to solve.

Olaoluwa Stephen

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