TEXTS: Acts 2:44-47, 1John 3:11,14:23-24, Col. 2:13-15, Gal. 5:1

No doubt, GOFAMINT of old practiced love, it was nothing but love arena. Every new convert blend quickly because of the love extended to them. You cannot attend once and not having two or three people to visit you or follow you home. It was a discovery of new loving family without fear. For every new comer, no tribalism, no Apollo and Paul syndrome, no antagonistic spirit, no special seat for the rich, nobody is exempted from evangelism, anybody’s problem is everybody’s problem and purposeful visitation in the spirit of love is the order of the day.


  1. How many of you witnessed the era of love in action and what can you say about how it was practiced?
  2. Do we still practice love like of old? if yes how? and if no, what are the causes.
  3. Can we still replicate that type of love?
  4. What will it cost us?
  5. Are you ready to play your role?
  6. In this assembly, are we practicing love as of old and where should we improve on or correct?
  7. What are the demonstrations of love expected among women, men, youth and children? Each person to answer for his/her group.
  8. Do ministers in this assembly practice love like of the old?
  9. Do women leaders eschew tribalism or not?
  10. Can we say the absence of Christ love is keeping our youth away from marrying in GOFAMINT?

Where there is love, there is acceptance. Acts 9:10-22

Where there is love, there is forgiveness.

Where there is love, there is caring/giving

GOFAMINT of old had this secret with them, they gave themselves to God first and were ruled by the love of Christ. (II Cor. 8:4-5).

General Prayer

Living in dominion that Christ brought: Zech.9:10-11; Eph. 1:20-22; I Pet. 4:11,5:11; Jude 25; Rev 1:5-6; Col. 2:14-15.

The death and resurrection of Jesus did a lot for mankind, he brought dominion to us, you can only access the dominion if you know and claim them. Read each Bible passage and pray with it, your dominion is ready what are you waiting for?

  1. John 8:36, from every bondage of Satan I am free in Jesus name.
  2. Joshua 1:5, every darkness operating in my life, light has come, stop yourwork now in Jesus name.
  3. Matt. 3:10, every unwanted tree planted in my life; let the axe of God cut it down in Jesus name.

      *   Sickness you are unwanted.

      *   Backwardness you are unwanted.

      *   Wretchedness you are unwanted.

      *   Family curse you are unwanted.

      *   I cut you all down in Jesus name.

  1. Obadiah 17: in Jesus precious name, I possess my possession. My possession of good health, blessing, greatness, career and other possessions meant for my generation, I claim you all in Jesus name.
  2. Acts 1:8; I receive power from God to do the will of God and His work.
  3. II Cor. 5:17, I declare that everything has become new for me in Jesus name.
  4. Rev. 12:11, I overcome through the blood of Jesus.
  5. Matt. 16:18, the gates of hell will not overcome this Church; every demonic connection is destroyed.
  6. Luke 4:18, Great out pouring of God’s fresh anointing, come upon all our ministers in Jesus name.
  7. Acts 6:7, let the ministration of the word increase and let saved souls flood this Church. All GOFAMINT assemblies, be full of power in Jesus precious name.

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