#GOFAMINTDailyDevotion Tue. 6/9/2016

LESSON 2                                 11/9/2016


Suggested Hymns: G.H.B. 223, 260

Devotional Reading: Matt. 19:1-12

Topic For Adults: Conform to God’s plan for your family.

Topic For Youths: Decide To Follow God’s Commands For Your Marital Relationship.

Topic For Intermediates: God’s Plan For The Family Is Ideal For You

Scripture Lessons: Gen. 2:22-24; Mk. 10:1-10; Heb. 13:4

Memory Verse:           “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Gen. 2:24) NKJV


Tue. 6/9/2016

Marriage Is For Life

Matt. 19:3-10

Many people nowadays want marriage of convenience and not marriage of commitment.  They will like to stay within marriage as long as it is convenient and beneficial to them. Once there is any inconvenience or something they do not like, they want to forsake the relationship. The main purposes for which God instituted marriage can only be fulfilled when the parties stay together for life. He instituted marriage for companionship, not only for young couples but also for the old couples when the children have grown up and left the home. Some people believe that once the children are grown up, the husband and wife are free to each other’s ways. Such people end up miserable old people, which is not God’s will for them. Besides, Christian couples who have grown old and still keep their marriages intact serve as examples to young couples that God’s plan for man is perfect and achievable.

Point of Emphasis: The heartaches people suffer because of broken marriages were not part of God’s agenda for man.

Prayer Point: Father, visit every Christian marriage that is tottering right now and strengthen it with your power.

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