#GOFAMINTDailyDevotion Thur. 1/12/2016


LESSON 1    4/12/2016


Suggested Hymn: G.H.B. 147, 148
Devotional Reading: Ps. 19:7-14
Topic For Adults: The Gospel Of The Kingdom Is Perfect
Topic For Youths: Embrace The Gospel Of The Kingdom
Topic For Intermediates: Be Equipped Thoroughly
Scripture Lesson: Matt. 5:20; 18:3; 3:7; Rom. 3:23; 1 Jn. 1:10; Matt. 3:1-8; 4:17; 5:19

Memory Verse: From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matt. 4:17) NKJV


Thur. 1/12/2016

The Invisible Power Of The Gospel

Acts 2:36-43

Peter preached the gospel with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; He succeeded in doing great exploit for the Lord. The promise which Jesus had earlier made to His follower was in action. In pouring out the Spirit, Jesus intend that the Spirit would mediate His presence to believers and empower them to continue to do all that He did while on Earth (Jn. 14:12). The invisible power of the gospel was displayed when Peter preached the gospel for couple of minutes: sinners repented and came en-masses. The same result can still be achieved by you if you will endeavour to live a holy life and preach the gospel under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Point of Emphasis: Maximum result will be achieved if you preach the gospel under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer Point: Characterise my ministry O Lord with signs and wonders as I preach the gospel.

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