#GOFAMINTDailyDevotion Mon. 7/12/2015

LESSON 2   13/12/2015



Suggested Hymns: G.H.B. 240, 242

Devotional Reading: Acts 8:1-4

Topic for Adults: Don’t Be An Enemy Of God.

Topic for Youths: Expect Persecution.

Topic for Intermediates: It Is Not An Easy Road

Scripture Lesson: Acts 7:54-60, 8:1-3; 9:1-2; 7:51; Phil. 3:5-6; Gal. 1:13; 1 Cor. 15:9; Acts 8:1-8; 11:19-21


Memory Verse:   Now Saul was consenting to his death, at that time a great persecution arose against the Church which was at Jerusalem (Acts 8:1a) NKJV



Mon. 7/12/2015

The World Would Hate You

Jn. 15:18-21

The Spirit of God and the spirit of the world are in direct contention and it is of vital importance that the Christians be aligned with the right one. When we are aligned with Christ, the spirit of this world is at war with us, and this expresses itself in persecution, ridicule and opposition. In fact, by linking your life with Christ, the world’s reaction to you will be the same as the world’s reaction to Christ. Our text says, “Do not be surprised if the world hates you.” In fact, be surprised if the world doesn’t hate you. For this is an alarm bell, a signal that we may well be enamored enough by the world to be hardly distinguishable from it. Remember, it is impossible to be aligned both with God and with the world – 1 John 3:1

Point of Emphasis:   Jesus said, if the world hates you, keep in mind, they hated him first

Prayer Point:        Lord Jesus, help me to always align my life to you all the days of my life.

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