#GOFAMINTDailyDevotion Sun. 13/3/2016

13/3/2016   LESSON   2:



Unit 1 – Portraits Of The King Of The United Kingdom (Lessons 1-3)

Suggested Hymns: G.H.B. 150, 307

Devotional Reading: ACTS 13:16-23

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Scripture Lesson

1 SAM. 16:1,10-13; 2 SAM. 6:11-13, 20-22; 11:1-5; 12:7-14



“… I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart, who will do all My will (Acts 13:22b) NKJV


Sun. 13/3/2016

David, A Man After God’s Heart

Acts 13:16-23

Apostle Paul was narrating the historical acts of God in bringing salvation to the world through the root of Jesse and made allusion to God’s attestation about David as a man after His heart. Unlike the disobedient Saul, God testified about David that he will do all His will. Indeed the mark of true discipleship is obedience. God should be able to testify of us that we are doing His will all the time. The importance of doing God’s will is articulated in the Lord’s Prayer. The Bible says “…Thy will be done on earth as it’s done in heaven”. We should make sure that the will of God is done in every situation of our lives.

Point of Emphasis:   There is no alternative to doing the will of God.

Prayer Point:            O Lord, let Your will be done in every situation of my life.



The nation of Israel was under a theocratic leadership until they clamoured for a king

they could see to lead them like neighbouring heathen nations. In response
to the people’s request, Saul emerged the first king in Israel. However, due to disobedience to God’s word, Saul’s dynasty was abruptly truncated. Consequentially, David emerged the second king in Israel – the man God described as a man after His own heart. The lesson of today highlights on some of the virtues that endeared David to God’s heart.




The rise and fall of King Saul the first king in Israel, teach a profound lesson that no one is indispensable. The very moment God decided to discontinue King Saul’s dynasty, He began to search for a better replacement. The disobedience and scorning of God’s instruction by King Saul led to his rejection and the emergence of the young David – a shepherd boy, as a preferred replacement. It should be noted that before God instructed prophet Samuel on how to locate and anoint the next king, Samuel had spoken by the spirit of God of the replacement of Saul with a man after His heart [Psalm 89: 19-22]. God’s prophets are His ambassadors, having the whole earth as their diplomatic territory; so, they speak by His leading and He confirms the words of their mouths.

The ordination of King David was divine; it wasn’t man-made. By human standard and evaluation, there were better qualified people. However, God has divine yardsticks and evaluation parameters that men often flout or are not privy to [Isa. 55:8]. Church leaders must know that the appointment of people into leadership positions should be done prayerfully in the will of God, not at the whim of any individual or some individuals. Only God is qualified to appoint because He looks at the heart. While outstanding physical attributes attract attention, the more important qualities of men are those within. Perhaps what made David a man after God’s heart are not attributes that can be seen outwardly. David’s ordination was done in secret; it was done without a throne. But in the fullness of time, he was announced to Israel as a king. Believers need to pray that God will continue to announce those He has anointed for greater assignment for the end time harvest of souls. In addition, the spirit of God came upon David from the very day he was anointed as king. Although Saul had the political office and power, David had the call and the power of God. Christians need to know that it’s not holding a position that makes one a leader but by obeying God’s Spirit.


David exhibited certain character which most likely endeared him to God’s heart. God went in search of a shepherd boy who had, in contrast to his predecessor – Saul, learnt patience, developed a caring and compassionate heart, over the years of tending his father’s sheep. David had also demonstrated a simple and unquestioning faith in the power of God, which brought an extraordinary result – the conquest of the Philistine’s warlord [1 Sam. 17:34-37; Ps. 27:1]. David recounted his past victories with an appreciative heart and attributed them to God. This opened the door for more victories for him. David’s cleverness was noticed and, of course God’s protection was upon him, as he escaped Saul’s plots on several occasions.

David was a man who knew how to dance before the Lord. The return of the ark of covenant into Israel brought jubilation to which David danced his heart out for God. The scriptures says that God inhabits the praise of His people and He does fearful things when He is given quality praise. There are some today, like Michal the daughter of Saul, who look at others disdainfully when they express themselves before God in dances and shouts. Christians should be humble enough to recognise God’s matchless grace upon their lives and exult in praise to Him [Psalm 8:3, 4]. In fact, the higher you get in life the more humble you should become when you consider that the race is not for the swift. Saul’s daughter never understood this. The reason some Christians put up arrogant display during worship is that they lack the in-depth knowledge of God. Some of the greatest miracles recorded in the Bible were invoked by praises to God.

Moreover, David demonstrated his love for God when he deemed it thoughtful to build a house for God. Even though God didn’t allow him to build the house, the gesture earned him God’s commendations and a promise of an everlasting dynasty (2 Sam. 7:1-22). Furthermore, David was a man with a repentant heart [2 Sam. 12:13; Ps. 51]. Every child of God who desires to go far in the journey of faith must pray for a repentant heart once convicted by the Holy Spirit. In this, David stood in sharp contrast to King Saul who always advanced reasons to justify his arrogance and disobedience. Other amiable qualities that David exhibited include obedience; respect for others, particularly, God’s anointed; prudence; valiancy; skillfulness; and patience [1 Sam. 16:18].


David was a man after God’s heart yet he was not immune from sin and punishment for sin. The primary assignment of kings in those days was to lead their people to battle. On this occasion, King David decided to stay back, which eventually led to his adultery with Bathsheba. The web of sin enlarged to include further deceit and the planned execution of a faithful soldier. It’s often said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. There is no position or office that gives right to any man to take the life of another. When sins become so blatant, God always intervenes no matter who is involved. David’s adultery and murder greatly displeased God and as such his punishment was inevitable. It’s important to note that God will not compromise His word in order to favour anyone. In fact, He metes out stiffer punishment to those He loves most [Amos 3:2].

God adjudged David as being callous and insensitive for ‘snatching’ his soldier’s wife; he obviously allowed the devil to becloud his sense of reasoning. God also saw David’s act as not being grateful enough. Each time a Christian falls into sin, it may imply that the love of God and His fear is waxing cold in such a heart. Although David repented in humility after he was confronted by the Prophet Nathan, who exposed his sins and the consequences thereof, he had to bear the brunt. Even though he escaped death for his sins, his house almost tore apart in quick succession, starting with the incest between Tamar and Amnon and the eventual death of Amnon, to Absalom – his son who planned to overthrow him, and the untimely death of Absalom, etc. [2 Sam. 13: 1-,15; 15:1-6;18:9,14-17]. Indeed sword continued to avenge in the house of David even after his death. Forgiveness does not relieve us of the responsibility for the consequences for sinful acts. Nonetheless, God’s forgiveness absolves believers from the ultimate penalty of sin which is eternal death.

Furthermore, believers need to learn to acknowledge their faults whenever they are being convicted by the Holy Spirit; either while studying the Bible, or listening to sermon, or a direct message from God’s servants, and seek the face of God for forgiveness rather than trying to give excuses to cover up. God’s mercy and forgiveness are always available if only we will return to Him in genuineness of heart and humility.



The ordination of David as King Saul’s successor was divine. Only God is qualified to appoint because He looks at the heart. Outstanding physical attributes may attract attention, the more important qualities of men are those within. David was a man after God’s heart because he possessed certain godly virtues as outlined in this lesson. Believers are equally encouraged to cultivate and imbibe these virtues. Because God is unchangeable, those who have imbibed these virtues are also endeared to God too even in our dispensation. King David showed a commendable love for God and His word. Even when he sinned, his love for God and His house was exemplified in his repentance.


  1. Describe the selection of David as a successor of King Saul.
  2. Contrast the criteria for selection of leaders today in our society to those God saw in David that qualified him for the kingship position.
  3. Mention at least five attributes that David possessed that endeared him to God’s heart.
  4. Why couldn’t God shield David from the consequence of adultery and murder he committed?
  5. Mention some of the things a believer should do while waiting for the fulfilment of    God’s promises.

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2 thoughts on “#GOFAMINTDailyDevotion Sun. 13/3/2016

  1. David’s Emergence as King..
    What a point : Church leaders must know that the appointment of people into leadership positions should be done prayerfully in the will of God. Not at the whim of any individuals..
    Thank God for the life of our father , Baba Abina, sufficient grace on you sir. How I wish most of our district Pastor emulate the life of our father. God bless the church..

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