The astonishing awesome God at it again. These astonishing wonders happened during and after 2013 convention.

“I am Mr. Abiodun, from GOFAMINT, Region 6, Moore District. I was sick for quite some time which later resulted in a swollen leg in 2011. I was taken to different medical centres for any possible cure but all my efforts proved abortive. With faith, I came for the annual convention of 2012 but the sickness remained – by this time, the first swollen left leg affected the other leg thus making my medical condition to be extremely critical. I stepped up in faith hoping that God would do it, to my surprise; I was made whole during 2013 convention. Praise the lord!”

– Mr. Abiodun

His coming to convention was to play, he was always unserious during the convention. He gave his life to Christ during the alter call made by the General overseer Dr E.O Abina. On the 8th of August 2013 under the ministration of pastor Adu. He also received the gift of the Holy-spirit under the15 minute praying in tongues and ever since he has been saved.
-Mr. Oluwaseun

She usually come to the convention just for fashion, but during 2009 convention she changed her perception and waited upon God for healing from a persistent sickness for three years and she got her healing during Evangelist Falade’s ministration since then, she has stoped using medication.
-Oluwakemi Abosede from Mushin

On the 30th of August, 2013 after the convention, he was coming back from work in his vehicle with passengers when a fuel tanker collided with the vehicle. The vehicle somersaulted severally before it fell into the river but miraculously, he was saved from a sudden death.
-Pastor Sedara

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  1. Thank God for the ASTONISHING SUCCESS of the Astonishing Christ’s Convention 2014. One of my specific desires that I had a very unstable faith to receive was particularly mentioned on the last day of the meeting. Our father in faith specifically laid his hand on us and I had a leap in my faith. I am so sure now and trust God to honour the words of His servant, and I will return to share my TESTIMONIES come next Year convention. PRAISE GOD.

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