DSC_0055God miraculous work is un-understandable, one cannot understand who and what God is, one cannot acquire academic knowledge to comprehend who He is. God is more than a miracle worker. What we tag as miracle is not miracle to the miracle working God that has just been His normal doing and duty.

The man in Mk5, nobody knows his name, though he was given a name at birth. His problem could not let us know his surname. His problem deleted his name and surname. The man dwelt in the midst of the tombs. But after a long dwelt in the tombs and his status change when he met with the king of kings, whose doings and duties are just to do the miraculous because all power belong to Him. The man who had been in tombs for several years, bow at Jesus’ feet when he saw Him. So shall every situations bow when they met the miracle working God. Just make sure they met the miracle working God.

If you understand God’s words, God will understand your situation but if you did not understood God’s word, God will not understand you situation and this is why so many Christians are in the church today but not in Christ.


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