Day 9: Friday 10th January 2014

Day 9: Friday

10th January 2014

Focus: Rekindling the fire of evangelism through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit

Texts: Matthew 5:13-16, 25:1-13


Either of two things can happen to a burning light, it can remain burning or burn out. The importance of continous illumination of an environment cannot be over-emphasised. That is when it fulfills the purpose of its existence. When a lamp goes off and cannot give light again, the purpose of its existence is defeated. The same applies to individual Christians as well as the Church as an organ. The questions to ask are these:

1.   Is my life a lamp supplying light to others?

2.      Are the people in my immediate environment feeling the impact of my light?

3.   Is my light not growing deem or burning out? Our answers to these questions were supposed to be positive, but unfortunately to many of us, it is negative.

The present situation of electricity power supply in Nigeria can be a good example. Unlike in the advanced countries of the world, black-out is always the order of the day in the country. Whereas people detest black-out, it is always a mourning situation when the light is off; while people usually rejoice greatly when it is restored. It is important for Christians to know that we are suppliers of light to our world and that we can either give them light or throw them into darkness. The irony of it however is that whichever we do; determines the fate of mankind, just as the supply or otherwise of electricity determines the fate of the electricity users, either for domestic or business purposes. How do we shine the light to the world? By living a transparent Christian life and preaching the word of God to other people.

Let us therefore understand that we were specifically designed and mandated to supply light to our world and we dare not fail in this onerous task. Failure is not only a disappointment to the people but also to God who placed such sensitive and pertinent responsibility upon our shoulders. May we not fail in Jesus’ name.


1.  Thank You, Lord, for giving us light in the world.

2.    Father, we appreciate the light that Jesus brought into our lives and the transformation it has effected in many lives in GOFAMINT, thank You.

3.    As a Church, we detest darkness and we stand against it in all ramifications and chase them out of this Church in Jesus’ name.

4.    We decree the destruction of all instruments and agents of darkness in the length and breadth of GOFAMINT in Jesus’ name.

5.        Isa. 60:1-3. Let there be manifestation of Your glory in our city, town and village to frighten and fizzle out all agents of darkness totally in Jesus’ name.

6.    Dear Lord, I want to assume my position as the light of the world, kindly fill my life a new and make me a true light of the world.

7.    Let every appearance of evil and darkness in and around me disappear completely in Jesus’ name.

8.    Make my life an embodiment of Your light and glory that Your light may show forth anywhere I go in Jesus’ name.

9.  We decree, let there be light in and around this Church in Jesus’ name.

10. We decree, let there be light in our homes for total illumination in Jesus’ name.

11. Restore light to every member of the Church, who have lost their light in Jesus’ name.

12. Let there be restoration to every minister in our midst who has lost his or her calling, gift and anointing in Jesus’ name.

13. Holy Spirit, release Your fire on me like the day of Pentecost, in Jesus’ name.

14. Jer. 20:9, Let Your fire enter into my heart and my bones like that of Prophet Jeremiah that I might not cease to proclaim Your word in Jesus’ name.

15. Help us Lord, to preach the word, teach the word and live the word. Thereby, spread the light and radiate Your glory in the world in Jesus’ name.

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