DAY 7: Wednesday 8th of January 2014

DAY 7: Wednesday

8th of January 2014


TEXTS: RomANS 5:5; I CorINTHIANS 13:1-8


God is love. Walking in love is possible and highly profitable. Walking
in love is loving God with your all and loving both the deserving
and the underserving. To walk in love is to walk in the realm of unlimited grace, glory, power, dominion and purity. Walking in love entails forgiving, forgetting, forbearing and fellowshipping (Eph. 4:32; Col. 3:13).

Love is the queen of all Christian virtues. Without love, all Spiritual gifts are useless. Love is conformity to the nature of God, acting and feeling according to His likeness. It is seeking the good of others. It is the grace to forbear, forgive, forget and avoid evil.

Walking in love creates a good spiritual atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to work. Love enables believers to live in the right atmosphere. This is because:

§   Love shows patience under pressure.

§   Love is not self-exalting.

§   Love is not self-centered and self-seeking.

§   Love is not roused to a spirit of anger, retaliation or bitterness.

§   Love never finds pleasure in sinful deeds.

§   Love does not harbor resentment or bitterness.

§   Love finds joy in honesty and integrity.

§      Love is kind in spirit and action to all, at all times without selfish ends.

Walking in love enables any believer to flow in the Spirit and easily yield to the Holy Spirit.

Today, many believers and servants of God are not getting the best of the Holy Spirit because they are not walking in love.

When you walk in love, God will love you uncommonly (John 14:23, 16:27).  When the Father loves you, you will be regularly corrected, rightly connected and you will be current. For you will always know His mind and be kept from evil.

When you walk in love, you will never resist the Holy Spirit (Acts 7:51). You will not grieve the Holy Spirit (Eph. 4:20). You will never vex the Holy Spirit (Isa. 63:10). You will never sin against the Holy Spirit. Walking in love is walking in obedience.  You can never miss the Holy Spirit when you walk in love.

The love of God sanctifies, sustains and stimulates us. If we love God and hope one day to see Him and be with Him, we shall seek to please Him and become like Him. In that wise, love will constrain us to consecration.


1.    Holy Spirit, purge me of every inordinate love and affection for the world, inside of me in Jesus name.

2.        Holy Spirit, help me to come to the full understanding of what love is.

3.    Holy Spirit, kindle in me, the love that seeks to please You in all things, at all time and everywhere, in Jesus name.

4.    Holy Spirit, I sincerely desire the Spirit of Jesus that loves without condition.

5.    Lord Jesus, help me to walk in love, so that my work will be accepted.

6.    Holy Spirit, help me to commit myself to love.

7.    Holy Spirit, let Your love constrain me to consecration so that I can be set apart for Your use as an ordained vessel.

8.    Holy Spirit, as I walk in love with You, let me begin to enjoy the benefits of our love relationship.

9.    Holy Spirit, give me the heart that forgives without holding back.

10.  Jesus my ultimate Master, help me to walk in the footsteps of your love.

11.  Holy Spirit, cause me to be filled with all the fullness of God. (Eph. 3: 19).

12.  O Lord, pour out Your Spirit upon GOFAMINT until every wilderness becomes a fruitful field and the fruitful fields, a forest.

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