TEXTS: I TIM. 4:6-9: TIM. 6:6-10: 1 TIM. 3:16


God wants all His children to be godly. Godliness is likeness to God. Godliness consists of a godly heart and life. Godly people have a heart after God’s own and bear His moral image. All men live according to the state of their hearts. It has been said that those who mean to live a godly life, give themselves away to God in an everlasting covenant, never to be forgotten. Through Godliness we obtain the benefits of enjoying Christ and all His riches.

Godliness is not reserved for few giant Christians. It is the privilege and duty of every genuine Christian to pursue, study and practice . To achieve this, the focus of your life should be godliness. Godliness ought to be the drive of your life. You are to give all your energy, effort, time and dedication to godliness. This is because godliness brings you double gains both in this life and in the world to come.

If you are godly, you will be able to walk in love and live in dominion. Godliness is a necessity for any one that wants to develop a conquering character. Godliness has been described as taking God seriously every moment of your life. The heartbeat of a godly person is the passion or burning desire to stand perfect and complete in all the will of God (Col.4: 12) A godly person focuses on Christ, His glory and honor rather than focusing on self. A Godly person possesses an unquenchable thirst for God (Isaiah 42:1-2) Intensity for God has been described as the heart beat of a godly person. This is seeking God with all your heart, soul and body. Someone has said, ‘if you are not seeking the Lord, the Devil is seeking you. If you are not seeking the Lord, judgment is at your heel”. You must be Godly!


  1. O Lord, help me to walk in love and live in dominion every day of my life.
  2. Holy Spirit, carry out every necessary operation and correction in me that will enable me to stand perfect and complete in all the will of God, all the days of my life.
  3. Holy Spirit, empower me to perpetually give myself away fully to God in an everlasting covenant, never to be forgotten.
  4. Holy Spirit, help me to always take God and the things of heaven very seriously, every moment of my life.
  5. Holy Spirit, kindle in me an unquenchable thirst for God and things of heaven.
  6. O Lord, give us burning desire for godliness in GOFAMINT.
  7. Father, we declare total war against all forms of ungodliness in GOFAMINT.
  8. O Lord, kill everything that the kingdom of darkness has raised to kill our passion and pursuit of godliness in GOFAMINT.
  9. My Lord and my God, give me godliness with contentment.
  10. God, give me an inner sufficiency that will keep me at Peace always, in spite of outward circumstances.
  11. Father, let godliness make me to be fulfilled, satisfied, complete, sufficient in this life and reign with You in Your Kingdom.
  12. Lord, help us to be godly and contented in GOFAMINT.
  13. Lord, uncover every sin that is working against us in GOFAMINT.
  14. Father, expose and up root all acts of ungodliness that are being perfectly covered up in every local Assembly.

  1. Special Personal prayer points for the day (Ps. 6:9)
  2. Special ministration for the day- People that are passing through serious temptations and crises of life.

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