DAY 6: Tuesday 7th January 2014

DAY 6: Tuesday

7th January 2014


Texts: Psalms 83:12; I Peter 5:8; Romans 16:20; Ephesians 6:10-18


Warfare is our spiritual heritage. The devil, our arch enemy is out to fight us both as a roaring lion and deceiving serpent. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to fight the devil as a roaring lion while we need the revelation or information from the Holy Spirit to fight the devil as a deceiving serpent.

In our warfare against the kingdom of darkness, we need the Holy Spirit as our Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, Standby and Comforter.

All human beings are involved in spiritual warfare. This is because they are created in the image and likeness of God, hence God’s enemy hates them. Similarly, all redeemed or born again believers are given new life in the spirit, hence the devil hates them even more. Spiritual warfare is a battle against the powers of darkness.

It is a battle against the “dark side” no matter where it lies.  It is a battle against all kinds of satanic strong holds, evil presence and misleading influence. It is a battle against the invisible hands and forces that are out to disfigure, destroy or disinherit us. It is a war against all satanic agents and angels that want to hinder the sun rise of our destiny or cause the premature sunset of our destiny. These forces are real. They are both invisible and visible forces. To underrate or overate these forces is dangerous. The key to successful warfare is finding the biblical balance. Don’t underrate them and don’t overrate them.

The Holy Spirit empowers us for spiritual warfare. Except we are full of the power of the Holy Spirit, we cannot succeed or survive in the spiritual warfare. You cannot be said to be ready or equipped to do spiritual battle without being filled with the Holy Spirit and His fruits (Acts 1:8; Col. 5:22-23).

Holy Spirit gives us both “the winning sense” and “the winning strength” to overcome the devil in all his diabolical and deadly activities against us. Holy Spirit gives us both the inspiration and the insight we need to fight every spiritual battle that is against us. Surely, anyone who lacks the revelation and the reinforcement of the Holy Spirit can hardly succeed in spiritual warfare (Ezek. 11:4-5,13).

We need spiritual information to pray successfully and to pray very precisely in our battle against the powers of darkness. We need the Holy Spirit to give us spiritual insight into the enemy’s agenda and to give us heavenly signals or instructions (I Kings 20:22). We need to pray with inspiration, anointing and power of the Holy Spirit to be able to win always in spiritual warfare.

The Holy Spirit as the Spirit of life ends our deadness in prayer, as the spirit of wisdom, delivers us from ignorance in this holy art of prayer and warfare; as the spirit of fire delivers us from coldness in prayer; as the spirit of might come to our aid in our weakness as we pray”.

 This is how the Holy Spirit empowers us to pray. And whenever we pray, God works, and Satan loses his strength, senses and strongholds.  Prayer is a shield to our soul and scourge to Satan.  Whenever, the Holy Spirit empowers our prayers, the powers of darkness are demobilized, defeated or destroyed.  Every Holy Ghost empowered prayer brings double destructions to the kingdom of darkness.

You can never enjoy the ministry of the Holy Spirit in your spiritual warfare if you are not genuinely saved, totally separated from the world, walking in obedience, love, winning souls, living a prayerful life and eating the word of God at the proper time.


1.     O Lord, deliver me from whatever in my life makes me deaf to the Holy Spirit inspired revelation (Rev. 2:7).

2.     O Lord, my God, deliver me from being disobedient to the voice, warning, counsel or resisting the Holy Spirit.

3.     O Lord, expose and demobilize every power behind the battles that are against me.

4.     Holy Spirit, show me every hidden secret behind any dark side of my life, family or ministry.

5.     Holy Spirit, show us any hidden things affecting the growth and state of our Church.

6.     O Lord, mold me and empower me to respond positively, promptly and properly to Your instructions, reproofs, corrections, and teachings.

7.     Holy Spirit, pour down Your wrath upon all forces militating against my resolution to live a victorious life.

8.     Holy Spirit teach me and empower me to pray right so that I will not pray amiss

9.     Holy Spirit fill me with your fire that I may become emendate to the host of hell.

10.   Holy Spirit, cause me to be filled with all the fullness of God (Eph. 3:19).

11.   O Lord, pour out Your Spirit upon GOFAMINT until every wilderness becomes a fruitful field and the fruitful fields, a forest.

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