TOPIC: Faithfulness and Integrity – Virtues to covet
TEXT: 2king 12:15, 16
The man of God started by saying he who cannot be faithful cannot be honest. He said, faithfulness brings integrity because Jesus himself is the truth. One of the virtues a child of God must possess is integrity. Your being in the church over a long period of time does not and cannot make you virtuous. Virtues are being demonstrated and people that see it in you will speak of it. (When you are virtuous, people will see it in you)
He went on to pinpoint two things that lowers integrity, which are:
– Women matter: Joseph was used as a case study. Joseph, being alone with his master’s wife maintained his integrity. Unlike David who coveted his warrior’s wife. If your integrity is lowered at a place, to redeem it back might be very difficult. If your weakness is being alone a woman/man why not flee from the temptation. Sin destroys virtue, reproaches and even destroys integrity.

– Money: How faithful you can be when you are put in charge of money determines how truthful you are. A life that wants to make it to heaven and does not have self- control when it comes to money issues should better resign that post that puts you in charge of money. If some things have been placed into your care, manage it judiciously. Gehaz caught leprosy due to infidelity and it was not recorded in the bible that the leprosy was taken off of him.
He concluded by pointing to the fact that, “position does not give virtue but integrity does”. How truthful you are in little things has a long way to go in your making and marring.

The topic was “Astonishing in Miracles”. The G.O. started with one of the peculiarities of Jesus’ life and ministry, signs and wonders which no ordinary human being has ever done.
He then went on to talk about His baptismal life, fasting life, and the temptations he went through (Matthew 3 and 4).
He said, Jesus started his miracles by turning water to wine at the wedding in Cana if Galilee (John 2: 1 – 11). He healed the impotent man at the pool of Bethesda (John 5: 1 – 15). He cleansed the leper (Matthew 8: 1 – 4). He fed five thousand men with five loaves of bread and two fishes (John 6: 1 -14)
He added the healing of the woman with issues of blood (Mark 5: 21 – 34). He healed the daughter of the syrophenician woman (Matthew 15: 21 – 28). He is astonishing in healing of a great multitude (Matthew 15: 29 – 31). He fetched money from the mouth of fish (Matthew 17: 24 – 27).
He went on to talk about the astonishing walk on the sea (Mark 6: 45 – 52). The astonishing Christ stilled the tempest (Matthew 8: 23 – 27). He healed the man that was born blind (John 9: 1 – 12, 35 – 41). Also the miracles of the big catch in Luke 5: 1- 11. He talked about how Jesus astonishingly healed a man with the withered hand.
He ended on the note that the miracles of Jesus are uncountable, “truly Jesus did many other signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this book; but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing, you may have life in his name” (John 20: 30, 31).

For like 5years now, he has been having insomnia. But as the G.O. was ministering, he was healed and immediately started dosing off.
Samuel Sonubi
She came from a masquerade family and since she gave her life to Christ, the spirit had been tormenting her. As the general overseer was ministering, she felt the spirit leave her body.
Mrs. Elijah
He had been having persistent typhoid for 5a nd half years now due to what he ate in his dream. As the ministration was going on, there was a change and he’s whole again.
Adetunji Yisa
She couldn’t live without her glasses, but now she can see clearly. Secondly, she had an accident in the year 2011 and since then, her right hand had been shorter than her left. But as the G.O. was ministering, she felt someone stretched her hand and the hand came to its original position.
She could not see clearly. She was told to propitiate her family’s god before she could see again. But as the ministration was going on, she got her healing.

Convention day five, August 8, Child Evangelic Unit (CEU) concert was held, it was awesome, much fun and great. The children were really excited, they were about 3000 in all, parts of the song the choir rendered was kabiyesi, hosanna, where will I go.
The National Children Choir Master (NCM), PASTOR SUNDAY ABIODUN, said he is very happy but that there are lots of challenges facing the unit, one of them according to him, is that they are not supported by the adult, they don’t care about them, the church only care about the adult choir alone, “they don’t give them much attention to the extent that they give to the adult choir. It is painful and sad to say that the instrument used during the concert was rented by the unit”
JESUTOFUNMI OLAOBAJU, a choir, while expressing her feelings described the event as glorious, adding that after 6 months of rehearsal, the 2014 convention is really ASTONISHING CHRIST, “ we are facing financial problems”, she advice the children outside who are not using their talent, to use it wisely before God take it away from them.
DEBORAH ADEYANJU who is also a choir member said she is happy to be part of the choir ministering at the concert, she stressed that her blessed during all their ministrations cannot be quantified, adding that she hope to see more of these in the conventions to come.

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  1. when someone is baptized with water he/she av become members of Christ but when it refuse to go to church what he/she would become

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