DAY 5: Monday 6th January 2014

DAY 5:  Monday

6th January 2014

FOCUS: The Fullness of the Holy Spirit for Victorious Living

TEXTS: Isa. 32:13; 15 John 14:15-21; Acts 5:32

Insight For Effective Praying

God wants us to live a victorious life. This pre-supposes a shining, conquering prize-winning triumphant and radiant life! It is a transformed life, in its fullness attainable and sustainable by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Nobody can live a victorious Christian life without being empowered by the Holy Spirit. Salvation comes only when one is born again by receiving the gospel as it is shared in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is given to help our infirmities (Rom. 8:26).Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we receive power to grow holy and receive a sensitivity that makes us hate sin unreservingly.

Nobody can tell what the Holy Spirit can do through you, if you yield yourself to Him completely and consistently.

The Holy Spirit can make you a living miracle and message to your generation. The Holy Spirit impacts the character of God, strengthens the inner man, brings renewal, produces fruit in us, produces the good harvest and performs miracles through us.The Holy Spirit enables us to resist wrath and anger with meekness, strife with peace, lust with purity hatred with love and forgiveness.The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of holiness. It brings holiness and helps our infirmities (Rom. 6:3-7).

Holy Spirit does the work of transformation in our lives. The transforming power of the Holy Spirit will do the following in our lives:

  • He will turn your wilderness into a fruitful place (Isa. 32:15).
  • He will cause you to walk with God. It is impossible to walk with God without the Holy Spirit helping and enabling you (Ezek. 36:27). He will cause you to do the will of God. Christian life is not only difficult but impracticable without the Holy Spirit.
  • You will know God’s presence (Ezek. 39:29). At times when God seems to distant Himself from us, our prayers appear like empty rattling. The Holy Spirit brings back His presence and causes it to be real. He causes you to feel His closeness.
    • He causes you to understand God’s word (Prov. 1:23; Isa. 11:2; I John 2:14).
    • You will become a new person. He changes you inside out (Eph. 4:24; Isa. 36:36; Isa. 10:6).
    • He will give you rest (Isa. 30:15).
    • He will bring excellence into your life (Dan. 6:3).

The Spirit of God is the author of qualify and perfection. The Holy Spirit of the Lord brings quality and distinction to our Christian lives.

The Holy Spirit has a transforming power.  He can change the wilderness into a garden and the vilest sinner from the slavery of sin, into a child of God. Think of what He can do in your life.


 1.  Holy Spirit, fill me to the brim with Your essence that will eliminate all

       staleness and filthiness.

2.   Holy Spirit, fill me to the overflowing with Your fullness that I will daily live victoriously.

3.   Holy Spirit, pour Your fullness upon me that my destiny will not be cut short.

4.   Holy Spirit, pour Your fullness upon me until my bad lands grow crops and my fertile fields become forest.

5.   Holy Spirit, fill me with Your fullness that I will always blossom with joy and multiplicity of fruits.

6.   Holy Spirit, pour out Your fullness upon me that Your sweet fragrance will always manifest in my life.

7.   Holy Spirit, You are the life giving Spirit of God, give life to any dead area in my life and destiny.

8.   Holy Spirit, give me wisdom and understanding for direction and strength building for victorious living.

9.   Holy Spirit, revitalize with Your fullness, any injured destiny in this Church and in my family.

10. Holy Spirit, cause me to be filled with all the fullness of God (Eph. 3:19).

11.  O Lord, pour out Your Spirit upon GOFAMINT, until every wilderness becomes a fruitful field and the fruitful fields, a forest.






      INTRODUCTION: God manifests His Presence through Churches to transform lives, homes, communities, cities and nations. God’s presence manifest with various intensities on different occasions. The intensity of His Presence is tangible and perceivable. Signs and wonders indicate high intensity of God’s presence. The Visitation of God in our homes brings heaven down to us. Mary enjoyed such a divine visitation and she was said to be ‘highly favoured’ (Luke 1:29). The glory of God’s presence is all we need in life. Let us pray earnestly that our homes will enjoy divine favour of His visitation as Mary did.

Zechariah was also visited when he was on his normal service routine for God, while Abraham was visited during a ministry of hospitality to angels unaware. In both cases, their long desired miracles were manifested by divine visitation. Now it is your turn to enjoy divine visitation.


1.      Discuss the effects of manifestation of God’s presence (or visitation) along the following lines.

(a)     The visitation or presence of God can be felt in our homes (Acts 2:2-3).

(b)     The visitation of God brings spiritual liberty and energy to our spirit man  (II Cor. 3:17).

(c)     There is an inner peace of God into our hearts, bringing a deep sense of assurance of His care.

2.      The Scripture says, if we draw near to God, He will also draw near to us, (James 4:8) Why does God appear to be far from us?  (II Chronicles 15:2) How can we use the following steps to draw near to God in our homes in order to activate His visitation? Please discuss, with Biblical examples.

(a)     Having a contrite and humble heart (Isaiah 57:15, I Chronicles 28:9).

(b)     Being fervent in prayers (Luke 9:28-29, Acts 12:5, 7) What are those things that prevent our homes from being fervent in prayers?

(c)     Practicing spiritual worship (II Chr. 5:13-14). How does our true worship of God brings down His visitation? (John 4:23-24).

(d)     Having a zealous heart (Dan. 10:1-2, 5, 12) How can this Victory Month period be used by us to get God’s divine attention? (Exo. 3:3 – 4).

3.      (i)   How does this manifestation affect the local Church and her growth?

(ii)    Discuss the following propositions

  • Strong manifestation of God’s presence provides a spiritual platform for evangelism to operate.
  • With strong worship, evangelism can advance effectively at the spiritual frontiers and release many people into the process of fellowship, discipleship and ministry. In fact, fellowship, discipleship and ministry operating in the environment of strong spiritual worship, accomplish much.

God manifests His presence progressively in three dimensions:

§       Visitation of His presence,

§       Habitation of His presence, and

§       Transformation in His presence.

Discuss Also the points below as it affects God’s Visitation to us

§       A contrite and humble spirit that trembles at God’s word invites His presence (Isaiah 66:2). Be God fearing and give highest regard to His ‘word at all times’ you will experience strong manifestation of His presence.

§       Resisting the devil is turning away from temptation. “Cleanse your hands” metaphorically speaks of repentance from sins. “Double-minded” in James’ usage refers to having reservation in the heart (James 4: 7-9).

§       Repentance from sins and turning from unbelief must be thorough, like mourning is opposite to laughter, and gloom to joy.

§       Always be quick and complete in making right with God and He will draw near to you.


CONCLUSION: The Visitation of God to our families and homes is a must and we need to covet it strongly. Let us make a commitment to walk with God faithfully and hence fulfill His requirement for strong manifestation and visitation in our homes. There will be miracles, breakthroughs and diverse testimonies. Our Churches will also enjoy the impact and thereby grow tremendously.


1.      Let every weariness, lethargy, tiredness and confusion that has beset us hitherto recede to give room for strong manifestation of God’s presence in our homes in Jesus Name.

2.      Let the visitation of God’s presence to our home bring relief, peace and divine assurance upon our families in Jesus’ Name.

3.      Open to John 11:39–44 and pray that the power of His resurrection will visit our lives and cause our Lazarus to come out of every grave where men have buried our potentials.

4.      As the glory of the Lord filled the house in II Chro. 5:13-14 during praise and worship, let the Shekinah glory of God envelope our homes as we worship God in spirit and truth.

5.      Let there be divine intervention into our situations as we praise Him after the order of Paul and Silas in Acts 16:25-26.

6.      Father, let there be new realm of Holy Spirit manifestations in our meetings and assemblies in Jesus’ name.

7.      We receive exceeding grace for the overflowing of the anointing in the lives of all Your ministers in the name of Jesus.

8.      Let there be revelation of the spirit of power and signs among us, O Lord in the name of Jesus.

9.      Using Rom. 8:19, pray that there will be signs and wonders to attest to mighty manifestation of God in our homes.

10.    Holy Ghost fire, overshadow my life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

11.    I decree by fire and thunder that I shall not die before the manifestation of my miracles.

12.    O God, arise and send me help from Your sanctuary to strengthen me out of Zion in the mighty name of Jesus.

13.    Every evil power delaying the manifestation of my destiny, be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.

14.    Let the manifestation of the presence of God in our homes bring forth open doors of miracles and testimonies.

15.    As we worship the Lord after the order of II Kings 3:15, let there be  recovery of every lost axe-head in our homes.

16.    Father, we thank You because when we sing Your praise, You reveal Yourself as the One who is worthy of all our adoration in the name of Jesus.

17.    As we praise You O Lord, arise in Your power and silence all challenges of our lives in the name of Jesus.

18.    We bring our thanks to You, in the name of Jesus whose endless grace sustains and guides us, teach us to win our battles with the power of praise in Jesus’ name.

19.    As we worship You in our homes, let the gates of heaven open upon us and let Your wonder, glory, power and holiness over shadow us.

20.    Pray that as my heavens are now open, the rain of abundance, goodness, favour and mercy will fall on every department of my life in Jesus’ name.

21.    Now make declarations as follow:

(i)      Anywhere I go, I will find favour and anywhere I face or turn to, the enemy will run without stopping in Jesus’ name.

(ii)     My eyes and my ears become instruments of divine revelation, that I might prosper mightily this year in Jesus name.

(iii)    My hands,  tongue and  legs become instruments of God’s glory and divine prosperity in Jesus’ name.

(iv)    All the owners of evil luggage of infirmities, carry your load now; go back to the sender in Jesus’ name.

22.    Begin to bless God for a mighty, miraculous manifestation of God in your family this year.


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  1. I really thank God for this website, it has been a blessing to me since I discovered last year a day after Xmas that we have Sunday school manual and Victory month prayer guide. May the Lord Almighty continue bless GOFAMINT and its members and thank God for our father in the Lord G.O Abina.

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