The hour of discovery was taken by Pastor Peter Awodimila. The topic was “Lord, release the blessings of the Astonishing Christ and Abraham on GOFAMINT”. He started by talking about the meaning of blessing and relating it to the following bible verses (Psalm 1: 3, Philippians 4: 19).
He went ahead to talk about how God blessed Abraham. When God said he will make Abraham a great nation (Genesis 12: 1 – 3), that was a progeny blessing. When God said he will bless him that was prosperity. When God said he will make him famous that was a blessing of excellence. When God said Abraham will be a blessing, it means he will be a channel to effective blessing. When God said he will bless those who bless him that means there will be an overflow of blessing.

He also added some principles that activate blessing which includes;
1. The principle of humility
2. The principle of benevolence
3. The principle of tithing
4. The principle of intercession
5. The principle of faith

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