DAY 4: Sunday 5th January 2014

DAY 4: Sunday

5th January 2014



Texts: Ezek. 8:1-18; Jer 7:9-15


And he said: Son of dust, do you see what they are doing? Do you see what  great sins of the People of Israel are doing here, to push me from MY Temple?

But come I will show you greater sins than these (Ezek. 8:6) TLB.

That is it. They have an angry God on their hands! From now on, no mercy.

They can shout all they want, but I’m not listening (Ezek. 8:18,the Message).

Considering the above scriptures, the need to overcome sin in GOFAMINT in all ramifications cannot be jettisoned.  The fact that God can abandon a whole nation or church because of sin must not be taken lightly.

GOFAMINT is a Church established by God to raise brides for Jesus through the preaching, teaching and living the word.  GOFAMINT is one of the Churches that Heaven is counting upon for the end-time revival.  God has given us a visionary General Overseer and godly leaders who are working tirelessly to see that the Mission do not derail in spite of the myriads of ungodly storms, false doctrines, and occultic practices raging against the churches of God in this perilous generation.  For our Mission to remain an Holy Ghost centered Church, both the ministers and members must act as spiritual gate keepers to “kick out and keep out” all manners of ungodliness, uncleanness and ungodly practices that are trying to find their ways into the church of God. Our ministers and members must have the right view of sin. That is the first characteristic of a true religion. They must not only express the right views but make a clean sweep of sin. The children of Israel discovered that those Idolatrous nations they spared while they got to their promised land, became thorns in their sides and pricks in their eyes.  The lesson for us as a Mission is this:  If we don’t drive sin out of this Mission, sin will drive God out and drive us from God’s favor. What we call little sin accumulates.  They are very dangerous to our existence. Truly, we may end up arresting the power and blessing of God by tolerating small transgressions among us.  Therefore, we must wage war against whatever is minimizing God’s holiness and tolerating people’s deliberate sinfulness among us.

Our ministers must be ever ready to confront and conquer sin in our Churches. We must be firm in condemning sin in whatever color it appears.

We must never try to redefine sin to make it less harmful. We must not handle the issue of sin lightly. We must not compromise the divine standard because of civilization, social status, achievement or association. The Bible says, “Verily every man at his best state is altogether vanity” (Ps. 39:5, 62:9). Today, worldliness, (modern day idols) are destroying, defiling and disqualifying many of the adorned brides of Jesus. The spiritual lamps of many believers are ‘going out’.  This is the age of dangerous importation and ungodly imitation. This is the age of spiritual and moral nakedness. We are accommodating many sinners without appropriate clothing (Job 24:7).

Similarly, the daughters of Zion are wearing the “attire of harlots” without feeling guilty (Prov. 7:10).

Most often, many ministers keep quiet because they don’t want to offend people. This situation is so sad and unpalatable. In Ezekiel chapter 9, we saw how the children of Israel were given to the worship of Idols both in the open and in the secret. There was an image of Jealousy at the door of the temple and there were pictures of unclean things in the inner chambers. Men and women Worshipped Idols openly and others did it behind the curtain. But God saw them and judged them. In like manner, God will remove His glory and blessing from any Christian body, unless they deal with sin rootlessly and serve Him faithfully. We must also learn our lesson from Jeremiah 7:9-15 what God did to Shiloh because of the sins of His people.

We must not give sin a room in GOFAMINT to avoid incurring the wrath of God.

Beloved, what is your role in GOFAMINT? Are you a blessing or a curse? You must make this Mission a holy Mission. We must not do things that will make the glory of this Mission either to fly or fade away.  We are Christ’s. We must also heed Christ’s demand on our time, income and strength. Keep yourself pure and keep yourself clean.

                                                LET US PRAY

1.    O Lord, by your mercy and truth, purge every sin speaking or standing against us as a Mission in Jesus name.

2.    O Lord, uproot every hidden sin in GOFAMINT that can cause you to bring an end to the sounds of joy and gladness and the voices of the bride and bridegroom in our midst (Jer. 7:30-33).

3.    Holy Spirit, help all erring ministers and members in GOFAMINT to change their lives and continue to do what is right (Jer. 7:3).

4.    Father, help us in GOFAMINT not to do whatever will make you to pour on us your anger that is like a hot fire that no one can put out (Jer. 7:20).

5.    O Lord, expose and change any minister or member promoting detestable things that can cause you to cast us as a Mission or an assembly, out of your sight or presence.

6.    O Lord, expose and uproot every “idol of jealousy” in any of our assembly and among our ministers in GOFAMINT world-wide (Jer. 7:30).

7.    O Lord, timely and thoroughly expose, remove and deliver any servant of God that may want to impart any form of occultism into our Mission.

8.    O Lord, shine Your light on GOFAMINT that there will be no hiding place for criminals in Your Church (Jer. 7: 11).

9.    Holy Spirit, correct us in whatever way we are minimizing Your holiness and tolerating people’s deliberate sinfulness in GOFAMINT.

10.  O Lord, raise up uncompromising prophets, teachers, and pastors to confront and correct us in GOFAMINT.

11.  O Lord, help us to truly know and love You, so that Your chastening will bring us back to You in contrite obedience (Jer. 7:27, 8:3)

12.  O Lord, help us to obey Your voice and respond positively to Your corrections at all levels.  Don’t let Your truth disappear from our lips.  Help us to tell the truth and live out the truth (Jer. 7:28).

13.  O Lord, arrest and transform every minister and member making our local assemblies unholy.

14.  O God, help us to thoroughly amend our ways (Jer. 7: 5).

15.  Holy Spirit, cause me to be filled with all the fullness of God. (Eph. 3:19).

16.  O Lord, pour out Your spirit upon GOFAMINT, until every wilderness becomes a fruitful field and fruitful fields, a forest.


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