TEXTS: JOEL 2:23-26; GEN. 26: 1, 12; HAGGAI 2:8-9; PROV.10: 15; EXO. 23: 25; PSALM 37:25



God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His children. He wants us to live in abundance. He wants us to eat bread without scarceness. God does not want us to lack the good things of life. He wants us to have dominion over poverty. Poverty is not a sin but it is a great sickness. Poverty is destructive. It destroys and diminishes. It is a forerunner of disgrace and shame. It ruins destiny. It makes one to sin against God … “Lest I be poor and steal and take the name of my God in vain” (Prov. 30:8).

It has been rightly said that “A poor Church cannot help a poor generation. A poor Church cannot help a lost generation” This is why every believer must obtain dominion over poverty. There are many good projects and programmes that are abandoned due to lack of fund. Where there is poverty; there is lack, pressure, tension and affection.

When there is poverty in a Church that Church will be so limited and beset with multiple collections. When there is poverty in a family, there will be frustration, embarrassment, borrowing, affliction and limitation.

God wants both the believers and the local Church to enjoy financial overflow so that we can serve Him without distraction. He wants us to operate from the realm of more than enough. God wants to bless us in abundance (beyond measure) so that we can become comfortable enough in pursuing our heavenly race and also have enough money to do the work of evangelism/Church planting.

Today, the Mission needs massive resources to ensure that the gospel of the kingdom reaches every nation of the earth, using all possible means- satellite, internet etc. Indeed, our Mission needs financial overflow to propagate the preaching of the total gospel to the dying world.

Similarly, every family needs financial overflow to enjoy the good things of life in season and out of season.

Truly, we need financial prosperity. Believers and local Church can do more good with money than without money. Poverty hinders rapid physical development both in the Church and family. You must overcome poverty. This is a serious battle. Jesus became poor so that we might become rich both spiritually and materially.


  1. II Cor. 8:9. Our Lord Jesus Christ, I appreciate You for Your amazing love that You became poor that I might be rich. You have given me dominion over poverty in all ramifications. The yoke and power of poverty is broken over my life and family. I have dominion over whatever promotes poverty.
  2. Lord, give me total victory over every human weakness and ignorance that promotes poverty.
  3. Lord, usher me into an era of unfinishable supply from heaven.
  4. Lord, cause me and my family to enjoy divine blessing in abundance and beyond measure.
  5. Lord, cause us to enjoy supernatural supply, contrary to the prevailing economic factors in the world or in my country.
  6. Heavenly Father, help us enjoy Your commanded and unsolicited blessings regularly and abundantly.
  7. Lord, give us in abundance what money can buy and what money cannot buy.
  8. Our Heavenly Father, give us the good things of life and things of heaven in abundance.
  9. Lord, give us abundant health and wealth all-round the year.
  10. Lord, help me to sow the seeds of favor and mercy regularly, which are part of the secret of financial overflow.
  11. Holy Spirit, open my eyes to where my help is mostly needed and help me to meet the need in that direction in Jesus’ Name.
  12. Father, I desire supernatural supplies all the days of my life, help me to be a generous open-handed believer.
  13. Holy Spirit, help me to place priority on giving to God my best and greatest in life.
  14. Prov. 21:20 Lord, grant me the power and wisdom to always pay myself first (saving) after giving God His portion monthly.
  15. Lord, deliver me from slothfulness and wastefulness (Prov. 18:9).
  16. Lord, deliver us from the spirit of stinginess and unfaithfulness to the law of tithing.
  17. Lord, give us victory over all those factors and forces that promote poverty in my family and the Church.


  1. Your personal prayer points for the day Ps. 6:9
  2. Special ministration for the day-Breaking the yoke of poverty, joblessness, debt, causeless business failure etc.

C.         Lord, help me to walk in love and live in dominion every day of my life.

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