TEXTS: I PETER 1:22; I JOHN 3:11-22; JOHN 4:7-22; EPH. 5:1-7,

EPH. 4:31-32; I JOHN 2:7-10


God is love; anyone who is not walking in love does not know God and thus cannot walk in Dominion. Loving others is a sure evidence that one knows God. Living a life of love is the normal life for every regenerated soul. Love is the heart of the Christian life. The life of love is characterized by unconditional love which forgives and forgets. This is loving like God, loving the unlovable and undeserving. Love always forgives those who don’t even want it nor deserve it. Loving one another with a pure heart makes the life of a believer to be magnetic and attractive. A life that is characterized by love is always beautiful and magnetic. It has been observed that “a believer out of fellowship with his fellow Christians is a miserable person” Truly any Christian who harbors hatred in his heart is a murderer. The cure for hatred is love.

Hateful and hating one another is the normal experience of the unregenerated people. It becomes so sad when believers begin to manifest hateful heart, ignoring or being indifferent to the needs of fellow brethren.

The measure of your love is the extent of your ability to forgive. Forgiveness is the greatest measuring rod of love in your life. Love is best demonstrated in the ability to forgive and to treat others beyond what they deserve or demand. God wants us to love in deed and truth. Unfortunate many of us who are Christians only love “in word and tongue”. We only talk about the need of people without doing something about meeting those needs. Walking in love produces confidence towards God and confidence towards God, gives you boldness.

Beloved, walk in Love. And if you walk in love, you will live to please God. And when our delight is in the love of God, our desire will be in the will of God. “And this is His Commandment. That we should believe on the name of Jesus Christ and love one another, as He gave us commandment” (I John 3:23).

Any believer who walks in love has no occasion to stumble. There is nothing in him to make him stumble. A love driven believer has no vengeance full attitude; never say unkind word, nor being bitter towards anybody.

Walking in love will make a believer to be both right and bright. If we walk in love, we will not disobey God nor injure men (Rom. 13:8, 5:5) love always seeks to say the best about everyone. Love always seeks to aid help, assist and honor people. Love is harmless.

(I Cor. 16:14). Let all things be done with charity, if we love Christ, we will do all things for His sake. Your love for God is a response to His love for us.( John 15:13).

Beloved, you must endeavor to walk in love. Love will never give birth to a pain. Don’t allow the flame of brotherly love to die. Don’t murder love, when love is slain, all that is beautiful lies dead!


  1. O Lord, empower me to walk in love every day of my life.
  2. O Lord, help me not to harbor any ‘mud of sin’ in my life. For any ‘mud’ of sin one harbors stain others.
  3. Read I Peter 1:22 Lord, uproot every seed of discord in the garden of our hearts.
  4. O Lord, heal us and enable us to love one another earnestly and deeply from a pure heart in this Mission.
  5. Heavenly Father, cause my life to always be love driven or characterized by love.
  6. O Lord, forgive me in any way that I have fallen out of love and every action that shows that I am not walking in love.
  7. O Lord, restore me to my first love so that I can love everybody even, the unlovable!.
  8. O Lord, conquer and cast out the spirit of this age that is contending with Your word and love in our midst.
  9. We cast out the spirit of disobedience and wickedness that have taken root in the lives of believers in Jesus name.
  10. O Lord, convict and convert us of every act of wickedness and lack of love amongst us.
  11. O Lord, anoint our hearts with fresh oil of love for one another and make us magnetic.
  12. O Lord, conquer every strategy of the devil to prevent us from being magnetic and shinning.
  13. O Lord, kill everything raised to kill our glory in GOFAMINT through lack of love.
  14. O Lord, help me to walk in Love and Dominion.
  15. O Lord, help me to forgive according to the Biblical injunction.


  1. Personal Prayer points for the Day (Ps. 6:9).
  2. Corporate intercession for the day: For all widows and widowers in the Mission.
  3. Special ministration for the day: People who have been offended and find it hard to forgive those who offended them.


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  1. Please I need the soft copy of prayer bulletin for victory month 2015. There is no Gofamint where I stay for now. Thanks

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