TEXTS: JOSHUA 24:15-17; ACTS 16:30-34


God’s programme for His people is multi-faceted and are being carried out at various levels. There is Church level, personal and family level. The family level relationship with God is important because the family is ordained by Him. God is keenly interested in the affairs of your family as well as the welfare of each member therein. God has not related with any person without due recognition of the descendants. When Abraham had not gotten a child, God was already talking about his yet-to be born children and how He knew and believed that Abraham was going to teach them to walk in the way of the Lord. (Gen. 18:19). On the other hand, when God rejected Eli, it was on the basis of the wrong doings of his children. So, a special blessing is divinely prepared for any family who takes it upon herself to serve and please God.

Upon entering the Promised Land, Joshua made it plainly clear that his family’s resolution was to serve the Lord. (Joshua 24:15). The best resolution your own family should make is that from now on, till the end of your lives; you will serve the Lord. That would be a wise decision, because every good and perfect gift comes from God (James 1:17).

Your family is a unit of the Church, whatever individual family is, determines what the Church as a whole will be. Whatever your position in the family, you must be a responsible person, whether husband, wife or child. If you are responsible, your family will be responsible and this will be consequential on your assembly. Do you have Christ as the head of your family? Does individual member of the family fears and reverence God? Does each of them pay tithe and partakes in other progressive activities of the Church? Does each member (husband, wife and children) perform their duties to other members of the family? Do we not have any of our family members being antagonistic to Church leadership style?

Satan must not have any representative in our respective families. Like Evangelist Philip of old, members of our families must be spirit-filled and vessels of honor in the hand of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, the goodness of God will be our portion. God is ready to visit every godly and willing family with His goodness this year. “If ye be willing and be obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land” ( Isa. 1:19).


  1. We thank You, Lord, for every family in this Church, especially the exemplary ones.
  2. We thank You Lord, on behalf of our good and responsible parents.
  3. Thank You, Lord, for all God-fearing children- members of GOFAMINT.
  4. Help all our fathers in this Church to be responsible ambassadors of Christ as the head of the house in Jesus’ name.
  5. Help all our mothers to be good house builders that Christ may continue to live in our homes, oh dear Lord.
  6. Let the spirit of obedience possess all our children, living their lives to please God and their parents.
  7. Lord, I say there is room for You in my family, come over, take control in Jesus name.
  8. Visit my home and bless us dear Father, the same way You visited Abraham and blessed his family.
  9. Help my family to be a true representative of the Church and Christ in Jesus’ name.
  10. I promise to live for You and obey You, have Your way in my family in Jesus’ name.
  11. If there is any spirit of disobedience hiding in any member of my family, expose and destroy them in Jesus name.
  12. I bind and rebuke every spirit of transgression in the life of any member of my family in Jesus’ name.
  13. Help, Lord, that none of our children would become wayward (children of Belial).
  14. Dear Lord, release the blessings that You have assigned and reserved for our families today in Jesus’ name.
  15. It is the children of lion that suffer lack and hunger but we that seek You, let us not lack the good things of life, dear Lord.
  16. We pray, Lord, that no evil power would be able to delay or postpone all the appointed periods of success and glory of each member of my family in Jesus’ name.
  17. I decree that no member of my family would bring shame and reproach to the family and the name of Christ in Jesus’ name.
  18. We prophesy success of all the educational programmes of our children in Jesus’ name.
  19. We prophesy blessings and prosperity upon all businesses, whereby our families are being sustained and our Church being supported in Jesus’ name.
  20. Dear Father, visit all widows, widowers and orphans in our midst and meet all their needs in Jesus’ name.
  21. We pray for miracles of the fruit of the womb for all waiting families and divine connection for all marriageable singles in our midst, oh Lord.
  22. Father, intervene in all families, where there is crises or problems of any kind and give them solutions in Jesus’ name.

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