DAY 27: Tuesday 28th January 2014

DAY 27: Tuesday

28th January 2014


TEXT: ISAIAH 43:19-21


            There is a tendency for a person to get weary or tired after working
for a length period. This can also happen to servants of God in the
vineyard. Moses’ example on the mountain in Exodus chapter 17 is a good one. He raised his hands up as a spiritual back-up to ensure the victory of the army of Israel. As long as his hands were up, Israel army were on the winning side. At a time, however, his hands were wearied and he held them down and the tide turned, the enemies started prevailing. His supporters had to make an arrangement whereby his hands were held up perpetually which led to permanent victory for Israel.

We are concerned about the key-leaders of our Church today. They are humans. They can be wearied or tired. We have a responsibility to raise their hands up as Moses followers did for him. When we pray for them, there will be renewal of grace, strength and anointing. The Bible says, “He giveth power to the faint, and to them that have no might he increaseth strength” (Isa. 40:29). As we pray for them, God will do a new thing in their lives in Jesus name.


1.    Thank You Lord, for the increase of offices and officers at the top level of our Church because of our growth.

2.       Key-leaders in our Administrative office: Lord, lay Your hand upon all the key administrative officers and let them be operating by nothing but Your Spirit.

3.    Exco members: Let every member of the Executive Council of the Church have an encounter with You so that they can work in partnership with You while taking  decision on vital and sensitive issues affecting the life of the Church.

4.    Regional and Inspectorate Pastors: These peculiar officers are in charge of our Regions: Dear Lord, lay Your hand upon these men of God that they may operate under Your anointing not in the flesh or in their senses in the Regions.

5.      Assistant General Overseers: Help these servants of Yours not only to work closely with the General Overseer but also with the Holy Spirit that their works will have positive impact upon the Church.

6.      National Overseers: These ministers represent the General Overseer and GOFAMINT in their different nations. Dear Lord, fill them with Your fullness that their presence and ministrations in their different countries will manifest Your glory and power to the fullest.

7.      H.O.Ds: These set of ministers operate at the national level of the Mission. Help each of them Lord to make a full proof of their calling for significant achievements which will be felt all over the Mission.

8.          District/Area Pastors: Work with each of these ministers by sharing with them the formula that they need to use for the growth of their various districts/areas.

9.      National Committees: The Mission has many National Committees and Boards, saddled with the responsibilities of making the programmes and projects of the Church functional and effective Dear Lord, bless the chairmen and members of these various Committees and Boards with wisdom and other endowments to get these programmes and projects to greater heights.

10.        Dear Father, help the leaders to discern redundant officers occupying sensitive offices and the needed wisdom to replace them with capable hands.

11.    We ask for renewal of strength for all those who are weak and healing for all who have sustained one injury or the other in the battlefield in Jesus’ name.

12.    Dear Lord, let Your grace be sufficient for all our retired ministers and let the latter end of their lives be more glorious than the beginning.

13.       District Excoms: Pray that members of your District may live above board and work consciously for the progress of the District.


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