Day 26: Monday 27th January 2014

Day 26: Monday

27th January 2014



TEXT: ACTS 13:1-12


             The success or otherwise of any community or organization depends largely on the leadership. That is why the Bible is unequivocal in its injunction for us to pray for our leaders. The life of our G. O. as well as his deputy is compatible with the gospel. They are the leaders that we can be proud of. Christians of other denominations as well as non-Christians in the community recognize them as exemplary Christian leaders and we are proud of that.  We are not saying that they are perfect but they are above board in the way they conduct their lives.

Like the Church in Antioch, we want to pray specially for these leaders today. The AntiochChurch fasted and prayed for Paul and Barnabas for the work God had called them unto. Reading through our Bible passage today, it would be discovered that these two ministers were confronted with the power of darkness in their ministerial journey. They overcame the opposition because of the prayers that were done on their behalf by the Church. The power of God was also demonstrated in a great measure through their ministrations. We also want to pray for our leaders for the work that God has called them unto that they may also make a success of their ministries for the progress of the Church.


1.     Thank You Lord, for the lives of our leaders, for what You have done for them and through them.

2.         Thank You for guiding and leading the G.O. to lead this Church thus far.

3.     We pray for these our leaders for new grace, vision and renewed energy to lead this Church to the next level in Jesus’ name.

4.     Release upon them a fresh anointing that they may not be weary or tired in Jesus’ name.

5.     As the burden and the responsibility of the Church is increasing in proportion with the growth of the Church, let Your power increase in them to meet all the challenges in Jesus’ name.

6.      Grant unto the G.O. the seeing eyes and the hearing ears to see and to hear clearly what the Lord is saying to the Church.

7.      Grant also to the D.G.O. the vision of “men of Issachar vision” to know what the Church ought to do to move forward.

8.      We stand against all opposing forces and powers contending with their successes in Jesus’ name.

9.      Grant them insight into divine agenda for the Church and the grace and power to follow the agenda.

10.    Grant them the wisdom to untie all the knotty issues and to proffer solutions to them in Jesus’ name

11.    Meet their own needs and solve all their personal and family problems that they may serve You more with their whole heart in Jesus’ name.

12. You started with them, continue with them and perfect the great works You have been doing in their lives oh Lord.

13.    We lift Matron Felicia Abina before the throne of grace today, let the time of refreshing come upon her to make her totally whole.

14.    Help our G.O. And the D.G.O. to continue to live blameless lives in Jesus’ name.

15.    Grant them the spirit of unity and the grace to affect lives of the entire ministers of the Church for Christ.

16.    Grant the duo the very desires of their hearts in Jesus’ name.

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