TEXTS: HAGGAI 2:8-9; LUKE 2:49; JOB 22:28



GOFAMINT symbolizes a living organism within the body of Christ. There is always an inflow and outflow within a system. The inflow is the spiritual in-take that keeps the body afresh. The outflow is the impact within and without.

The Church caters for the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the populace, starting with her members. Therefore, the success of GOFAMINT programmes and projects will enhance the global vision of the Church.


1.     Lord, let Your Holy Spirit take-over all GOFAMINT programmes afresh and use them for the expansion of Your kingdom.

2.     Let the annual victory month prayer of January each succeeding year, usher in fresh unction and anointing of the Holy Spirit that will reinforce all members of GOFAMINT for effective ministry.

3.     GOFAMINT Sunday Bible School is a teaching platform in all assemblies of The Gospel Faith Mission International; use it to build members spiritually and make members willing tools for evangelism in Jesus’ name.

4.     Lord, let the monthly Hour of Salvation and Miracle (HOSAM) programme being held at GospelTown, Ibadan; become a healing balm for all participant and viewers in Jesus’ name.

5.     The Annual Convention is the largest gathering of Church members and some non members; let the power of God be demonstrated through the General Overseer and other anointed ministers in Jesus’ name.

6.         Heavenly Father, make GOFAMINT Annual Ministers’ Conference a turning point for all Ministers and renew their strength in Jesus’ name.

7.         Lord, let the biennial National Conference of Christian Education continue to live up to expectation; affirming the teaching ministry of GOFAMINT to the world.

8.         GOFAMINT Students Fellowship is a gap bridging ministry; help the leaders to inculcate the virtue of loyalty in the hearts of the students in Jesus’ name.

9.     The Youth Ministry is to harmonize the interest of the youth to enable them utilize their potentials for Christ, Lord deliver them from youthful exuberance and sabotage in Jesus name.

10.   Lord, help Men Fellowship to rekindle the fire of evangelism in their various assemblies in Jesus’ name.

11.   Lord, send divine assistance to enable the Mission move faster on the newly acquired land at “Ogunmakin” and make it the long awaited GospelCity in Jesus’ name.

12.   Lord, visit every family project in GOFAMINT and make 2014 a landmark year for every member.

13.   Lord, let divine blessing come upon all faithful supporters of GOFAMINT projects

14.   Lord arise, make year 2014 a year of great achievements on all GOFAMINT programmes and projects.

15.   In the name of Jesus, all our programmes and projects shall witness tremendous success in 2014.

16.   In the name of Jesus, year 2014 shall be a year of abundant blessings for all members of GOFAMINT.

17.   Lord, let GOF.TV makes tremendous impact on the Mission and all our viewers world-wide in Jesus’ name.


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