TEXT: EXODUS 35:21-35


Projects and programmes are the hallmark of progress both in the secular and the Church settings as well. Success of programmes and projects depicts the progress of any organization. Israel started their own projects in the wilderness immediately they left Egypt. The people were told to bring offerings for the work. Their response were very positive, they brought more than enough materials needed for the projects. That was a divinely motivated giving. This kind of result is scarce in the house of God today. Experience has shown that people usually bring lesser than needed and required, when such a call is made. That seems to be our case in GOFAMINT, which must change. We need to ask why?

Three important points must be noted here:

  1. The Israelites appreciated the deliverance God gave them in bringing them out of the bondage of Egypt, and the best way to show their appreciation was to give willingly and bountifully.
  2. The people were not poor. They had been enriched by collecting all kinds of materials from the Egyptians before leaving Egypt and
  3. Those chosen by God to handle the projects were men of integrity and not covetous. (Exo. 36:5-7).

    Beloved members of GOFAMINT, are we also appreciative of the free salvation with the attendant blessings God gave to us in Jesus through the instrumentality of GOFAMINT?. This is a Church established by God to show us the way, the will and the mind of God without any hide and seek or deception as being done by some Churches. Let us be mindful that many other people are still under bondage of some so- called Churches because they do not have access to the undiluted truth of the word as we have in GOFAMINT. Why then are we also not giving willingly to appreciate God’s goodness like the Israelites of old?

  1. Like the Israelites, do we have enough to spare? To many of us in GOFAMINT, the answer is No. Why? Majority of us do not avail ourselves of the opportunities that God presented to enrich us. If the Israelites had refused to collect those materials in Egypt when God instructed them to do so, there would have been nothing to give for the work of God. Many of us feign spirituality, when we are supposed to take some advantages to better our lives by rejecting or ignoring such opportunities. Many of us are not enterprising while others are not hard working enough on the pretence that we are going to heaven. We cannot give what we don’t have. Let us pray that God should open our eyes to the opportunities that are meant for us in life. Our pastors should help our people in this direction to give relevant and necessary teachings that would propel and help our people to make progress in life.
  2. Trusted leaders: something that works right for GOFAMINT is the type of leaders we have. From the inception of the Church till date, our leaders at the topmost level have been doing extremely well both in commitment to the work and faithfulness in executing the projects. Many of us may not know this, the projects that would cost some other people about N10 million to execute, GOFAMINT leaders would make-do with N3million and do it very well. That is the type of committed and selfless leaders we have. We are saying this about our leaders at the National level, how we wish the same could be said about our leaders at other levels of leadership in the Church. When these good and trusted leaders therefore call for our contributions, it will be unfair for us to turn a deaf ear to it. God wont be happy with us if we do that.

We are now at the G.D.F. season once again. Laudable projects and programmes have been lined up through divine guidance and are waiting for your positive response to execute. Our leaders are trusting that you will not fail to play your role in the kingdom project. Hear this, if anyone refuses to do God’s bidden, another person will do it. May you not disappoint God and may you not be replaced in God’s programme in Jesus name.

Every GOFAMINT member is expected to pay his/her normal tithe faithfully and then pay the same amount of tithe as G. D. F. for three months, January, February and March. You lose nothing but you gain much when you give what you ought to give to God, while you gain nothing and lose much when you refuse to give what you ought to give. As you do this, remember your records and rewards are waiting for you in heaven. GOFAMINT MUST RISE, GOFAMINT MEMBERS MUST FULFILL DESTINY!


  1. Lord, we appreciate You for establishing this Church called GOFAMINT upon the solid foundation of the truth.
  2. Lord, I thank You for counting me worthy to be one of Your children in this Church.
  3. I appreciate You for the salvation, deliverance, victory, healing and all other blessings You have given me and also my other brethren which cannot be quantified or bought with money.
  4. Thank You Lord, for the good leaders You gave us in this Church, the General Overseer and his team for helping them to lead us in the right direction.
  5. Forgive us Lord, for not showing enough appreciation in cash and kind for all the wonderful things You have done for us in this Church; individually and collectively.
  6. As a sign of appreciation for Your goodness, I promise to begin to give my life and possessions to Your service, dear Lord.
  7. In agreement, we pray and bind the spirits that hinder any and everyone of us from giving liberally and willingly to the work of God in GOFAMINT in Jesus name.
  8. We invoke the spirit of willingness upon every GOFAMINT member for increased and bountiful giving resulting in greater blessings upon our lives in Jesus name.
  9. Let more doors of opportunity for blessings be opened for all of us, open our eyes to see these open doors and give us the power to possess our possessions, o Lord.
  10. As we are committed to give more for Your projects and programmes in Your Church, take over our individual projects and businesses and let them be backup and operated by divine power.
  11. Change GOFAMINT and her members financial status from not enough to more than enough from now on in Jesus name.
  12. We command an open door and prophesy financial inflow into GOFAMINT IN Jesus name.
  13. Open the eyes of our leaders to see the secret of divine provision for Your work in GOFAMINT oh Lord.
  14. Open the eyes of every member and family to see the secret of Your provision for each of us oh Lord.
  15. Rescue GOFAMINT and her members from lack in the midst of plenty in Jesus’ name.
  16. This year, G. D. F. must achieve its expected objective in Jesus name.
  17. Constrain, persuade and compel GOFAMINT members to pay their G. D. F. correctly this year that they may be blessed beyond measure.
  18. We invoke the spirit of faithfulness and the fear of God upon every GOFAMINT member concerning (G.D.F.) payment this year in Jesus’ name.
  19. We decree successful accomplishment upon our projects and programmes at the National, Regional, district and assembly levels this year in Jesus’ name.
  20. Dear Lord, turn GOFAMINT assemblies to houses of blessings and every member emblem of blessings in Jesus’ name.

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