Prophetic Bible Reading: Ps. 87 1-7


As a Church, GOFAMINT is at the verge of writing a new page in the annals of her history. GOFAMINT has gone from step to step and from one level to another since inception. The Church is now at a crucial stage of development and evolution.

The Gospel Development Fund (GDF) collection this year is a special one. It is going to be dedicated majorly to the development of our new camp ground city. How many of us (GOFAMINT) members are ready to join hands with the Church leadership to make the building of the new camp ground a reality? Many of us during our last convention made pledges to pay certain amount of money for the project. Have you paid yours? If not, you need to pay the money as a matter of urgency. If you have not made any pledge, you have made a pledge and go ahead to pay it.

In addition to this, everyone of us must be willing and ready to pay our GDF sincerely and faithfully this year. GDF (Gospel Development Fund) is 10% of our income in the first three month of the year – January, Feburuary and March. This is in addition to our regular and mandatory tithe, making it 20% payment of our income for the three months. Your God demands of you to pay G.D.F., the Church leadership is taking petitions on your behalf to the throne of grace as you pay.

Let us demonstrate through this exercise that we are true children of the kingdom and patriotic members of the Church. It is the bastards in the family that rebel against good intentions and plans of the parents. Let us do away with complaints, murmurings, rebellion and agitations and do the needful and right things.

Let us take note of some points of lessons in our prophetic bible passage we read today. Psalm 87 let us examine them.

Vs. 1 the GOFAMINT camp being built now is God’s holy mountain

Vs. 2 God is so delighted in this Gospel City project and identifies with it. Every GOFAMINT member must cooperate with God and proudly key-in to the project.

Vs. 3 The camp is a glory centre where God will demonstrate His power and reveal his glory.

Vs. 4 Many nations of the world would be proud to associate with and be part of what God is doing there.

Vs. 5 All members who play their roles faithfully in building the camp-city would have their names written in gold. Our contributions can be likened to five loaves of bread and two fishes. God will bless them and use them to accomplish great things in the camp.

Vs. 6 The Lord Himself will personally take recognition of the names of all contributors; to promote, distinguish and bless them beyond measure.

Vs. 7 The camp-ground will become a centre of attraction with diverse ministrations and programme of activities to bring glory to God and blessings to mankind.

The summary of all these is that our expected contributions (both pledges and GDF) are the instruments that God will use to perform wonders and build the camp for his own glory. If you have been paying the GDF before, double up this year, don’t renege. If you have been indifferent before, join the chariot now. No GOFAMINT member should be left out. God bless you as you participate.


  1. Thank you dear Lord for the vision, mission and the success of GOFAMINT thus far.
  2. Thank you Lord for millions of lives that have been touched positively by God through GOFAMINT, whether they remain in GOFAMINT or not.
  3. For the establishment of each assembly, district, region and mission-fields thank you Lord.
  4. For all those that have been using their resources (spiritual gifts and material possessions) for the growth of this Church, we bless you Lord, for their lives.
  5. For making GOFAMINT to be relevant in the committee of Church and in your agenda, we praise you Father.
  6. For your wonderful plan to give us another camp-ground known as a International Gospel city and for the wonders you are going to perform on that land, we give you praises.
  7. Dear Father, be our Alpha and Omega on this Gospel City project in Jesus name.
  8. Let there be divine supply to meet the needs of the project in Jesus name.
  9. Touch my heart and help me to give sacrificially for the project in Jesus name.
  10. Do not allow any GOFAMINT member to decline or refuse to cooperate in building the gospel city oh Lord.
  11. Make it compulsory for every member to pay G.D.F and Ogunmakin pledges this year oh Lord.
  12. We prophesy double-portion of income upon GOFAMINT members in all assemblies this year in Jesus name.
  13. We invoke the spirit of faithfulness upon the contributors, the collectors and the executors of the project in Jesus name.
  14. We request for divine wisdom, directive and protection for all handlers of the project on camp ground in Jesus name.
  15. From now on, we move from “not enough” to “more than enough” resources in GOFAMINT in Jesus name.
  16. The camp-ground shall witness breakthrough during Pastor Abina life-time in Jesus name.
  17. GOFAMINT, go to the next level in the agenda of God for you in Jesus name.
  18. Dear, Lord provide for every GOFAMINT member who desires to own house at the camp-ground in Jesus name.

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