TEXT:  ISAIAH 59:19; 62:1-2; PSALM 122: 6-9


Nigeria is a state of many nations with many diversities. The drive to maintain common identity and speak with one voice as the most populous country among the black race, has kept the country together.

Succeeding Governments had tried unsuccessfully to create an equilibrium amidst the crises of nationhood such crisis of identity, ethnicity, participation, distribution, religion tolerance and promotion of acceptance cultural values.

However, the greatest challenge at the moment is the threat to Nigeria internal security and how to maintain peace within her definite territory. If other factors mentioned in the crises of Nation-Building are sometimes divisive, war against all aggressors and maintaining peace within and without is a potent unifying factor for continuity as a country. Only a resounding victory in the realm of the spirit can manifest in the physical combat operations of Nigerian Military Forces.

Let us pray!

  1. Thank you Father for your banner of love over Nigeria. “It is of the Lord mercies that we are not consumed” (Lamentation 3:22; Mal 3:6)
  2. Take all glory for taking us through our chequered history without splitting into smaller countries or embroiled in an unending strife.
  3. Thank you for your protection, provision and good health for all citizenry, accept our thanks in Jesus name (Jer. 30:17)
  4. Father, we have disappointed you as a country, all manner of evils are being perpetrated and the land is polluted; purge and purify us with the blood of Jesus; for our backslidings are many (Go on your kneels to pray this prayer)
  5. Lord, demolish all strongholds and agents of distablisation in this country, bring them to instant judgement in Jesus name.
  6. O Lord that answers by fire, consume every altar of ritualist and diviner against the peace of this country in Jesus name.
  7. Heavenly Father, expose and judge them in your hot displeasure, those aiding and abetting “Boko Haram” to unleash mayhem upon this country (Exodus 15:9-10)
  8. Lord, use President Muhammadu Buhari as a true agent of change to fulfill your purpose in the polity of this country in Jesus name.
  9. All demons on special envoy against the peace and stability of this country, you are incapacitated by the blood of Jesus, move into perpetual bondage in Jesus name
  10. Lord, change Nigeria economy fortune, help the governance at the Federal and State Levels to initiate people oriented and economic reviving programmes in Jesus name.
  11. Raise up genuine intercessors for Nigeria among the believers and let the love of Christ compel them to discharge this responsibility faithfully.
  12. Lord, let Nigeria experience a period of rest, move our warfare from physical combat to spiritual warfare; where the citizenry will put their trust in you than anything else in Jesus name.
  13. In the name of Jesus, Nigeria will fulfill her end-time gospel proclaimation to all countries of the world
  14. “Pray for the peace of Nigeria for they that love it shall prosper”!

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